The Fine Young Capitalists Finally Bury The Hatchet With Zoe Quinn

One Angry Gamer "After a very turbulent year involving all sorts of crazy shenanigans, the one thing that really seems kind of heartbreaking is how a game jam that would work toward pushing more games into the industry was cut short and demolished under a blind bit of string-pulling from major gaming outlets. Well, you can’t keep a good thing down if enough people pool the use of their efforts together to see it rise above the oppression and detriments set forward by a corrupt and dysfunctional system."

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-Foxtrot2481d ago

I understand they didn't want to keep going head to head with Zoe with all the shit that went on but this comes off like they are running home scared and bowing down to a "Ok, win, can we move on please". I acknowledge it was frustrating for them but if they knew she was in the wrong I would of kept on going.

If Zoe did that shit to me and to my project I would of wanted her head on a spike, last thing I would want to do is "bury the hatchet with her".

I really feel things are just trying to get covered up on this. I get people don't want to keep seeing Zoe's name plastered on gaming websites but what she did and the controversy that surrounded her brought gaming journalist corruption to the surface. If you ever wanted a reason to start a massive online "attack" against crappy journalism this would of been the perfect time to do one.

Instead people just want to bury their head in the sand and just watch this blow over. In the end you're just going to watch it get covered up.

StifflerK2481d ago

True, I don't think I could forgive them either if it was me.

In terms of funding they're doing ok so far, maybe they did this to stop the abuse from the SJW's?

I'm still horrified the major media outlets blackballed them like that, TFYC didn't do anything wrong.

gigoran2480d ago

I still want to see heads roll. Heaps of people still do I'm sure. Heads will roll, one way or another, someone is going to pay for this. And it may as well be the person that started it.

1nsomniac2480d ago

So true but unfortunately the general population is to scared to stand up for itself these days & only cares about silly things like getting their face on the internet by recording themselves doing the latest fad.

It really is sad to see how people have lost respect for themselves over the last few decades.

3-4-52480d ago

* As media of any kind you have but one obligation.

That is to inform the public when they are being screwed over and who is doing it.

That is Media's only NEED.

Everything else is a want.

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StifflerK2480d ago

Serious question to all on N4G.

4chan /v/ got together to help TFYC out, how about us doing the same???

First we email TFYC to let them know our intentions.

After which we could just make individual donations like normal - but we could put 'N4G' after our names - that way they can tally up the overall donation from the community.

Heck , we might even get our own community mascot like /v/ did?

Anyone up for it?

Might be easier/better if one of the mods sends the email to TFYC + makes an official front page blog for those interested. That way it would 'represent' the community.

WilliamUsher2480d ago

I think that's a great idea.

The gaming community is being attacked for the crimes of a few trolls (i.e., harassment, etc.,) and showing support to equality-driven campaigns like TFYC would be a great way to "retaliate with kindness".

Unfortunately, the sad reality is that I think a lot of people probably don't even know what's actually going on (but if they do, then that's all the better).

StifflerK2480d ago

Thanks, I'll try contacting one of the mods tomorrow, maybe we can get something started?

morganfell2480d ago (Edited 2480d ago )


I would be up for making a sizeable donation but...N4G after our names?

This site hasn't shown the sort of dedication to its members that warrants such an action. You donate in the name of a community and a community looks after its people. This site allows trash articles to continually be published with no thought of removing them because money they recieve from those websites is more important than service to the fanbase. vgchratz is a classic example.

N4G has decided that a few dollars from sites like vgchartz matter outweighs the community that provides them the clicks to stay in business. Yet we should make donations of our money in the name of N4G? No, just no.

On top of this I do not think it is worthwhile to donate to them since they have now made kissy faces with Zoe Quinn. That woman is detrimental to our community and the friend of my enemy is my enemy.

DragonKnight2480d ago (Edited 2480d ago )

I'm fairly confident in saying that N4G doesn't have a partnership with vgchartz. Kotaku on the other hand?

The thing is, the way this site is run is the big problem. See, most don't know this, but the submission guidelines page that's supposed to tell us all what the rules for submission are is incomplete. It's not a comprehensive list of all the rules and there are rules you can break without ever knowing you've broken them until you have and are told you have. If you try to mention the guidelines, it won't matter because the rule you broke isn't on the page. That's a big problem with the way submissions are handled.

The other issue is that the voting system for what sites we want to see on here is pointless. It doesn't work and is just for show. We're meant to believe that we have a say in this, but we don't. The proof is in pages like HipHopGamer and Kotaku.

See, HHG doubtlessly had a lot of votes against his site every time he posted something. But that's not why he was finally banned. He was banned for plagiarism, and likely after a few warnings. But Kraptaku? We all know that that site is voted down to hell, but it doesn't commit any actual "crimes" save and except ridiculous sensationalism and social justice pandering. For all the years I've been on the internet, I have NEVER heard even ONE good thing about Kotaku. Ever. The people who frequent that site are insulted, the "journalists" of that site are insulted, and the stories are insulted. Yet, the site remains here. Why? I'll leave that for you to decide, but I already know why.

We'll get the typical platitudes about these issues, or we'll get aggression like "this site is a business" but in the end the site that's supposed to put what stories the community would like to see in the hands of the community is up to the community only superficially. We do get to control a lot of what happens, but not the important stuff that really would matter to us.

Zoe Quinn is not someone that should be made up with. She's a horrible human being through and through and I personally would never want to have any association with her or her allies, friends, and well wishers.

WilliamUsher2480d ago

"On top of this I do not think it is worthwhile to donate to them since they have now made kissy faces with Zoe Quinn. That woman is detrimental to our community and the friend of my enemy is my enemy."

Whoa, whoa, whoa... they did NOT make kissy faces with Zoe Quinn... it was more like a fake smile and a wave goodbye.

Seriously, though, they outlined that their alt with her was absolutely toxic for them. They didn't even want her associated with the IndieGoGo in "burying the hatchet" because they just want separation.

Unfortunately, Quinn's associates will not leave TFYC alone and they're now being dragged in the mud by mainstream media with the narrative being that 4chan are misogynists and are supporting TFYC, which makes them misogynists-apologists by association.

It's for reasons like the above that it's IMPERATIVE they get as far away from Quinn as possible.

If us gamers support their cause and get their project funded then it shows we at least support equality, inclusion and growth in the gaming industry. We change the narrative away from all these a-hole sites saying that all games culture is toxic and misogynistic.

They've thrown the word around so much they don't even know what it actually means, especially when they levy it at Vivian James and The Fine Young Capitalists.

morganfell2479d ago (Edited 2479d ago )

"If us gamers support their cause and get their project funded then it shows we at least support equality, inclusion and growth in the gaming industry. We change the narrative away from all these a-hole sites saying that all games culture is toxic and misogynistic."

I personally will not be a party to blackmail because that is how it equates. There are things which I do not have an issue with or with which I wholeheartedly agree. But the minute someone puts a gun to my head and says if you don't do this I am dropping the hammer then at that point I say "Fire away."

If we are percieved as mysogynistic because we do not support their cause, not go against it, just not support it, then I say "Fire away".

And the FYC had a duty to help put the pressure on Zoey. A duty. Not back away, not ignore, but bring the cannon to bear. Otherwise she and her ilk will just repeat their actions.


Are you familiar with the Sir Arthur Conan Doyle axiom from Sherlock Holmes, "When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth." What other deduction can you make except there is a monetary agreement of some nature between N4G and vgchartz.

vgchartz is scientifically proven FUD. They are banned from every reputable site on the planet. Yet here they publish as they please despite justified hate from all sides, the fact that they have never ever been right, and carries an news banner on its front page. No, there is something occurring twixt there and here. With or without money the continual allowance of vgchartz' deceptive, trash number counting is a disservice to the community at N4G and the powers that be have clearly chosen vgchartz over the community.

The voting system in this situation is inconsequential. The mods have the ability to ban a site that continually posts numbers as rumor yet is never ever, as in not ever, even close to rumor. Do you want to bet how fast a site would be banned if I created one and started making up crap? And make no mistake, vgchartz makes up crap. Do you not realize how very far off the mark the numbers at vgchartz fall? They are not even close. A rumor should carry with it at least a hint of possibility that it might be true. And a site that publishes nothing but rumors should be semi-accurate at least 1 in 10 times. Personally I would say 1 in 2 but they can't even hit the most generous allowances. vgchartz? No, just no.

DragonKnight2479d ago

@morganfell: Being a Star Trek: TNG fan, I am very familiar with that phrase. You're forgetting something though. N4G can still benefit from vgchartz without actually being partnered with them thanks to the clickbait phenomenon. VGchartz articles get traffic, so it doesn't matter if N4G has a standing partnership with the site if they'll still benefit from the traffic numbers anyway.

I completely agree with your assessment of vgchartz, I'm just pointing out a possibility that was seemingly not considered.

morganfell2479d ago (Edited 2479d ago )


I could care less if it benefits N4G and it likely does. My issue is solely with the visitors here whose clicks provide a great deal more income than anything N4G recieves from vgchartz.

You can't have your cake and eat it too.

It is merely a matter of time before another site arrives that will not permit such trash being published. N4G will try to change their policy then but it will be too late. Once you become a has been nothing will keep you afloat. The band U2 survives and maintains relevance because they evolve. N4G has an unwillingness to do that and will become the MySpace of game sites. It won't happen tomorrow or next week but it will occur. And when it does they will be asking themselves what went wrong. Once you become passe it is too late to back peddle and all anyone will say to them as they leave is, "You should have listened when you had the chance."

This site is incapable of building the long term fanbase needed for survival because they feed off of visitors and offer nothing in return. Such relationships must be symbiotic in order to benefit both parties but N4G allowing sites like vgchartz to continue and push trash shows they have zero regard for the visitors here.

StifflerK2477d ago

I understand.

I thought it might be good for the community to be united behind a good cause , but I guess it's not something that will last.

The atmosphere on here is volatile at the best of times, lol.

I don't think TFYC likes Quinn at all ,they're just trying to save their company. The major media sites still have them blacklisted which must be a pain.

I'm going to donate to TFYC partly as it's for a good cause , but partly because I want them to succeed just to spite all those people that tried to stop them.

But I'll take your advice, and just donate as myself.

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mr_grimm2480d ago

I've donated twice now as I feel this is important, so just say the word and I'm in. Doesn't need to be n4g, just that we are a collective.

StifflerK2477d ago

I think so too, + it's cool of you to donate more than once!

I sent a message to the mods on Saturday - but they still haven't replied.

I think I might just donate as normal, so long as the money gets were in needs to that's all that matters.

DefenderOfDoom22480d ago

But , what about the bigger problem , gaming publishers throwin money at these sites, to say good things about their games, no matter how awful they might be !!