PAX 14 – LittleBigPlanet 3 Has Hardly Changed but Is Still Too Damn Cute (Twinfinite)

Twinfinite weighs in on LittleBigPlanet 3, the latest title in Sumo Digital's running series for PlayStation, straight from the PAX Prime 2014 show floor.

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EinRobot2481d ago

Wow, how uninformed. They have made some revolutionary changes this time around. Power up creation and going from 3 layers to 16. Those two things alone are major. What has happened to game journalism? They are supposed to be the ones informing us.

NukaCola2481d ago

Game journalism became near extincted ages ago I'm afraid.

itBourne2481d ago

I seen 3 layers to 16 layers and freaking lost it. My mind started racing at the possibilities I can now do. So freaking pumped. New Characters, power ups, actual depth. I am more excited for this game then any game this year! Love me some sackboy!

Jughead34162481d ago

I know. They made it sound like it's the same game. Over 70 new creation tools, not to mention the ones from lbp1 and lbp2

GribbleGrunger2480d ago (Edited 2480d ago )

I don't know if you have, but I've been lucky enough to see a few vids on Youtube (breaking NDA) and people are going to be amazed at some of the new additions.

Jughead34162480d ago

@grinblegrunger - yes I've seen the beta footage of the pod. They showed some of the materials that'll be in the game, and yes they look awesome. There's a whole host of new animated materials, and material types. I am admittedly jealous of the lucky few that got hands on with the beta.

garos822480d ago

i have stopped looking at gaming sites for information as of late. Thankfully the internet has reached the point where we as users can find information from each other through tools such as twitter and real peoples accounts of trying out games at game shows.
I'd also argue that im finding the relevant information i'm looking for from users here at N4G and Neogaf forums more so than so called gaming journalists.

OT: there is one video that emerged from Gamescom 2014 about new tools in LBP3 that showcases how different this will be from LBP2. I can't wait to see how the community embraces these new tools.

3-4-52480d ago

Well it is Twinfinite......Sometimes they miss very badly, and every now and then they will have a decent to really good article.

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SolidDuck2481d ago

Ya I feel like this game is getting overlooked. I love the lbp franchise. I will be buying this for sure, and yes there have been big changes.

DigitalRaptor2480d ago (Edited 2480d ago )

"Hardly changed"


- 3 brand new characters (with unique abilities and physics) to go along with Sackboy that each impact gameplay in strong, unique ways and encourage co-op gameplay.
- Can change the handling and abilities of these characters on a per-level basis via create mode.
- New "Blaster Handle" tool to create custom power-ups.
- New "Dynamic Thermometer" allows level creation limits to scale from 3 to 16 layers.
- Can join levels together to make one massive level.
- Touch Create using the touch pad on the controller.

In fact, there's 70 new tools, 29 from LBP1 and LBP2 and 10 from the Vita version.

Source for confirmation:

The game is going to be amazing, but if journalists are getting "hardly changed" from this game, I will feel bad for Sumo Digital when the reviews start to appear. Let's hope not everyone is willing to overlook the hard work they've put into their take on the series.