PAX 14 – Dragon Age: Inquisition’s Co-Op Isn’t Quite What You’d Expect but That’s Okay (Twinfinite)

Alissa from Twinfinite writes:

The multiplayer for Dragon Age: Inquisition was only announced recently, but BioWare isn’t wasting time in exposing it to the world. Rather than take players through an open world campaign like one would expect from the Dragon Age series, the four player co-op mode coming to Inquisition runs players through a 5 level dungeon in search of loot and experience. While storytelling is central to the single player campaign, Inquisition‘s multiplayer focuses more on quick combat and dungeon crawling. It’s the least Dragon Age-y experience you could imagine, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t fun.

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DarkOcelet1929d ago

I hope the multiplayer isn't needed to be played ... And i hope all the achievements are for the single player only , Ruined my 1000gs in mass effect 3.

Loktai1929d ago

Trophies/Achievements that require multiplayer are nuts. Especially if you pick the game up late and you're a newbie and the servers are full of guru-level players kicking the crap out of you. Especially when the trophy is for successive victories....

nucky641928d ago

I'm not into trophies/achievements - but, you are SO right about picking a game up late and trying to enjoy the do end up getting the crap kicked out of you! LOL.

cell9891928d ago

So true, case in point, Marvel vs Capcom or the many other fighter games that require you to go on a winning streak :( bubbles

Saints941928d ago

This is Coop multiplayer. The only reason you'd be getting your ass kicked is because you went to a difficulty you're not ready yet for.

Loktai1928d ago


I wasnt complaining about getting my ass kicked in THIS game... did you read my comment? I said online trophies are a pain, and especially if you're late getting into the game because the type of players you find online has changed after some time. It wasnt specifically about this game but about online trophies/achievements in reply to DarkOcelet wondering about needing to use network functions to get achievements.

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cleft51929d ago

I was addicted to the ME3 mp and still play it on and off. But I don't think they will repeat that mistake with DA3, especially after the outrage over ME3.

HexxedAvenger1928d ago

if anything it showed them what not to do. Along with DA2 xD

slinky1234561928d ago (Edited 1928d ago )

Getting 1000gs isn't really important. It's just points you can get elsewhere if you want them. Getting Platinum on the other hand, that's completely different, even if you think it's essentially the same. They actually equal many differences achievement wise.

Loktai1928d ago

Sometimes its no big deal like in pixeljunk shooter ultimate where you need to play online a little to get a few trophies but other times say for instance assassins creed black flag or killzone shadowfall(which I havent bothered to platinum because I have better games to play right now)

Those games take forever. AC4 online trophies are like pulling teeth.

andibandit1929d ago

a 5 level dungeon, wow sounds like that will be over in 2 hours.

XtraTrstrL1929d ago

I think they said quests are like 20-30 minute spurts. As long as they have lots of them, it should be alright.

Findingcrybabies1928d ago (Edited 1928d ago )

the REAVER was dual wielding? strange...considering bioware said only rouges would be dual wielding in DA:I.


mogwaii1928d ago

Well thats really shitty! I wantedto go through the mian story with friends :(