Pax 14 – Far Cry 4 is an Elephant-astic Time (Twinfinite)

Mike Eaton from Twinfinite writes:

I make no secret of my love for the Far Cry series. With each installment, Ubisoft continues to refine its combination of beautiful visual design with open-ended environments and combat scenarios and based on the time I’ve spent with Far Cry 4 here at PAX Prime, it’s looking to be better than ever.

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Cant wait for this game. It looks amazing. It will be a destroyer of video cards I believe. Hope my PC is ready.

Geekman2491d ago

Er- get it on PS4 if you can. Ubisoft has veen known to gimp the PC versions of their games. Though they're usually fine after a month or 2.

bsmith612491d ago

Why get a downgraded version if the best version will "be fine after a month or 2"?

Transporter472491d ago

Just riding an elephant with an uzi shooting just equals pure win.