Bringing Ubisoft’s U Back to the Wii U

Warp Zoned writes:

"Ubisoft has been sending out mixed signals regarding Nintendo’s beleaguered home console over the last few months. Despite a renewed momentum in sales thanks to the likes of Mario Kart 8 and the release of Hyrule Warriors in Japan, Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot announced that Watch Dogs would be the last mature game published on the Wii U. Guillemot pointed to the fact that the Wii U accounted for a mere three percent of the company’s sales for the fiscal year ending March 31, 2014. The Xbox One doubled the Wii U’s total with 6%, and the PS4 tripled it with 9%. Impressive, considering they were both launched half-way through this period. The original Wii chipped in for 11%."

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Sincere01212491d ago (Edited 2491d ago )

Nah forget ubisoft, they clearly don't even don't know Nintendo's demographic.

"I understand that the console may not have the power to have Assassin’s Creed: Unity ported over from the PS4" what a load of crap.

wonderfulmonkeyman2491d ago

At this point, the number of core-gamer-focused multiplat games that Ubisoft has done right on the Wii U, has been out-weighed by the number of ports with something missing or wrong within them.

They had a few successes, though...

Zombi U sold 700k to a very small install base[I think it was merely 3M at the time? Whether they think that's enough to call it a success or not, I'd say it was, personally, given the systems marketing troubles at the time], even though that started out as a game about aliens due for the PS360 and was just re-tooled instead of built directly for the system...
Child of Light is an absolutely fantastic little modern-day fairy tail/rpg.
The aesthetics are gorgeous and the characters are, on the whole, endearing, though the end game grinding can get a bit dull depending on your tastes.
Rayman Legends sold best on Wii U for quite a long stretch, only losing steam once Mario 3D World came out and de-throned it, which let the PS3 version overtake it by a slim amount.

So there is precedent for Ubisoft making games that somewhat appeal to the tastes of Nintendo gamers.
They've shown that they can do it.

The key to them getting further profit out of the system, though, is to keep trying until they have created an IP that really CLICKS with core Nintendo gamers, then turn that into a franchise that they can make bank off of the same way they do with the franchises they've already established on other consoles.
Once they hit that sweet spot with the right kind of game, a lot of trust in their capabilities as developers for the system will be restored in the fan base, and then their other games will likely earn more sales from the fanbase, too.

If they try hard enough, they could do it.
They have the talent. They just need to be brave enough to take the risk.
Many things worth doing in life come with at least a little bit of risk, after all.

lilbroRx2491d ago

The number of core-gamer-focused multiplat games that Ubisoft has done right on the Wii U is 0.

Some may try to say Rayman Legends was done right, but that was a exclusive that was delayed when was already done. That was doing Wii U owners right at all.

wonderfulmonkeyman2490d ago

I'm well aware of their failings with Rayman's delay.
I'm not discounting that even though I didn't mention it.
But it was a solidly done game that appealed to the sensibilities of Nintendo gamers, hence why it sold well regardless of that flaw.

Had that flaw not existed, it likely would have done even better.

LonDonE2491d ago

Whats even more funny is that Zombie u was a rushed launch game and yet sold more then the just dance games combined!!!! so that should of told ubi that Wii u gamers liked Zombie U and would more then likely love a sequel! but no ubi and their flawed logic means they think mature games dont sell on wii u!

Yes ac games dont sell particularly well but that's more because Nintendo gamers dont like yearly rehashed games unless its mario! which again with every iteration changes stuff up in a big way!
Rayman also sold very well on wii u even though the install base was allot smaller on wii u compared to PS3 and 360 it still sold more on wii u!

Chrischi19882490d ago

I wonder what is happening to Watchdogs. Do they truly believe that game can still be a success on Wii U, after the delay and wanting full price for it, while the versions, with many DLC and so on cost like 1/7th of the Wii U version? I mean, I will probably buy it, but not during launch for retail price^^ I have waited long, I can wait, until the price falls, no need for a hurry.

lilbroRx2491d ago

Forget Ubisoft. All of these bloated, greedy, abusing companies are destroying gaming with their biased practices.

They promote and favor the highest bidders, release broken games with missing content and features, and when things don't go how they want, they blame consumers and the console manufacturer of the consumers they screwed.

Ubisoft has reached EA status for me. They won't be seeing a penny of my money on any platform.

MSBAUSTX2491d ago


To hell with those cheap liars. They give no support for their ports, lied abour Rayman being an exclusive and then release it late, they never once advertised the multi plat ports on TV as being released for the Wii U as well as the other consoles, and then blame me, a Wii U owner, for their failure. As an Idealist, I purchased all Ubisoft games initially for the Wii U. They like to say that the Wii U doesnt have a high enough install base all the time. Wii U has sold almost 2 million more units than the XB1 but those hypocrites still make games for that system!

I own 4 Ubisoft games for it And I did so to try and promote the third party comeback on the Wii U. In the end I got glitchy port after glitchy port and no DLC or undates for them and some how it is all my fault, in their minds. They can rot in hell because I will never buy another Ubisoft game.

Bubbamilk2490d ago

I'm with u. And the sad part is that they have been so underwhelming the last couple years that I dont even care about playing their games anymore. Even the division is just meh. And since its ubisoft the final release is guaranteed to be even more meh than when the fake cgi trailor was debuted.

It will be too easy to boycott ubisoft with how great 2015 looks. A freaking batman from rocksteady. Evolve. The witcher. Xenoblade. Zelda. Star fox. And bayonetta 1&2 smash bros. advanced warfare and destiny this year. I just flat out don't need u ubisoft. Even if I wasn't upset with u u still wouldn't get any of my money this year and if ubisoft wonders why ill email them a pic of every game they released on wii u that I purchased just for them to talk crap to me and every other wii u owner.

MSBAUSTX2490d ago

It is funny you mention how insignificant they are. The games you listed are pretty much all of the ones I am buying as well and most of them offer insane diversity in style and game play. They arent just another Assassins Creed game where you climb high and do stunts off of buildings, AGAIN!

I completely agree, even if I didnt think Ubisoft was terrible, I have plenty on my gaming plate over the next year to even care about what they are releasing. If insomniac is still making games I could really go for a next gen Ratchet and Clank though. Nuts and Bolts was freaking amazing.

Chrono2490d ago

Ubisoft might release another Rabbids game or something, but no more mature games for WiiU.

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