The New 3DS is Nintendo's Next Big Mistake

CCC Says: "Nintendo has lost its mind. The company has just gone crazy. There is no other explanation for their horrible marketing decisions as of late. First, it flubbed the Wii U and turned it into the red-headed, fish-head eating stepchild of the console family, and now it's dead set on releasing a new version of the 3DS, only four years into the handheld's life cycle, called the New 3DS."

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choujij2486d ago (Edited 2486d ago )

So this is essentially a backwards compatible successor to the 3DS? I'm a huge Nintendo fan but I think this is going to cause a lot of consumer confusion. At first even I thought it was just another model.

I also don't get why they feel the need to do this so suddenly?

iamnsuperman2486d ago (Edited 2486d ago )

I don't see confusion as the big problem. The issue is going to lie with developers. Developers are not going to make games for it specifically (not until it gets close to current 3DS figures). It adds new buttons that no game is going to support. Nintendo can't afford to make games specifically for it since it will leave a bitter taste in consumer's mouth. The 3DS is barely three years old. Once developers make games with the most popular device in mind it starts a vicious cycle of then people buy that over the new one (you can't just add a new control scheme half way through. All developers need to use it from day one)

I can see what they are trying to do (replicate what the mobile world is doing). But they have ignored why that works. The input is the same, people buy mobiles very often (2 year contracts) and each little jump between each device (which are many in number) isn't much (except every other iteration) which means games can be supported over a great range of devices (which means the evolution of mobile games is incredibly slow since they have to accommodate older devices). They have essentially stalled how games will be developed on handhelds

darthv722486d ago could be like the gameboy color. That had games that were made specifically to take advantage of the color ability while also being limited on the previous gameboy.

Devs can make games that support both on one game card. If the game detects the presence of the extra buttons then it works as such. if it doesnt then it plays like a regular 3ds game.

it presents an interesting challenge but one that some will take on to see if they can do it. others...probably not. But it does fall in line with nintendo's handheld process of improving on the initial idea while staying compatible with the former.

NewMonday2485d ago

this just proves Nintendo will announce a WiiU successor next year

jholden32492485d ago

Pretty simple really. Like the PC, you can make your games with two settings. Ultra setting for those who have the new 3DS, and normal setting for everyone else.

And the more advanced hardware will allow games that otherwise couldn't run to be brought to the system, such as Xenoblade. This doesn't hurt you or anyone else. All it does is give us more options. If you so desire to play this game on hand held, you will now have the option to upgrade and play it. That's one more game to play then we had yesterday, and in my book that's a win-win.

thehobbyist2485d ago (Edited 2485d ago )

You are so wrong. Games are already using those buttons. And typically the games to use those extra buttons are some of the 3DS' biggest sellers/best games:
- Resident Evil: Revelations
- Monster Hunter 3 + 4
- Metal Gear Solid 3D
- Xenoblade Chronicles
- Super Smash Bros for 3DS
- Kid Icarus: Uprising

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Magicite2485d ago

this new DS looks so advanced in comparison to original 3ds, that it almost seems like next-gen handheld.

2485d ago
wampdog292485d ago

@LogicalReason: it's sad you only look at extra buttons to say if it's next-gen or not. You realise they doubled the RAM, added 4MB of Video RAM, increased the CPU/GPU speed, added a tracking camera to allow 3D to be viewed from any angle, a surrounding light sensor in order to auto-adjust the back-light of the screen AND added much needed buttons..... I'm also assuming they added wireless-N support due to the faster download times (contrary to popular belief, the faster CPU wouldn't help this).

Big_Game_Hunters2485d ago

I don't see the issue. They've done this for every handheld.

Sly-Lupin2485d ago

Basically, it's a half-generation leap forward. It has enough of a hardware upgrade that new games will require it to play, but not enough of an upgrade for consumers to tell a difference.

Basically, it's Nintendo wanting its consumers to buy their products multiple times.

Like if the old Expansion Pack for the N64 was sold as a separate console. It's incredibly asinine and anti-consumer.

shadowraiserx2485d ago

I am gonna buy this ,I never used the RE revelations extra stick ,at least they are making some changes.

lizard812882485d ago

It reminds me of the DS & DSi.

jholden32492485d ago

It's a 3DS. And it's a newer version.

The name is called "NEW 3DS".

Not seeing the confusion here. In fact, that's about as straight forward as it gets. And if you'll take notice, Nintendo is making a decisive shift toward the core gamers again. They said as much in the Edge interviews, and their recent actions with MK8 DLC, new 3DS and Xenoblade announcement bare proof of that.

The recent concern of consumer confusion was only brought about due to the intermingling of the casual market. With Nintendo now all but abandoning that segment and focusing purely on those who habitually play video games, I don't think their target market is going to be confused in the slightest anymore than PlayStation or Xbox fans are confused with hardware successors and iterations.

Layman's terms- Nintendo is back to chasing the core gamer, and the core gamer doesn't get confused. But any potential remaining customers who are ignorant will surely see NEW 3DS for exactly what it is, a new iteration of the 3DS.

crazysammy2485d ago

From someone who works in video game retail consumer confusion is all very real and this will cause more of it. Especially with used stores you have people asking for the 3DS. The word "new" usually refers to condition not a different iteration. Why not call it the 3DSi? At least it would be consistent marketing. Sadly like the WiiU name that confused many customers this could do the same thing. Even with a huge marketing push I don't see the average customer understanding. Again just based off of my experience with these customers over the last 14 years.

bass4g2485d ago

it's like the dsi was to the ds. Only it includes the circle pad pro attachment and the soon to be released amiibo attachment. Like the dsi they changed some of the internal workings so technically you can get games that would only work for the new 3ds but it is highly unlikely it'll ever happen. The dsi added a camera and more ram/pricessing power for the ui. There's only one game that I can think of that was exclusive to dsi and that was a downloadable game that used the camera on it. This is exactly the same thing.

3-4-52485d ago

* This is awesome.

* Now Dev's can make FPS games for the 3DS, and older versions can still use the buttons or you can by the analog pro adapter or a new model.

3 options = win.

I like the old school SNES controller style button colors as well.

* Once again, this is a good idea, that most people will hate on because they don't fully comprehend it.

biglittlesps2485d ago

Developers need install base to make games and also there are no 3rd party developers doing FPS games in portable and they are just indie games. Also the new games made for new 3DS won't work in old 3DS because there is diff in hardware between new 3DS and old 3DS in RAM and CPU power.

3-4-52485d ago

Your so wrong man. Don't you read ?

* NEW 3DS games WILL work with the old models.

It's ONLY Xenoblade Chronicles that needs the new 3DS because it's such a large game, it wouldn't run otherwise.

* How can somebody read Facts, and then interpret them incorrectly?

Do you people read or think?

HumanatPlay2485d ago (Edited 2485d ago )

I found out about this Gamespot, don't see why they can't release new hardware. I wish Sony would have the courage to stand by the Vita the way Nintendo stands by the 3DS and tries new things with their hand held.

All in all I think one more addition to the DS line is good for prospective customers. The shoulder buttons will be used in time, I wish Sony addressed the shoulder button issue when releasing the new Vita.

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mikel10152486d ago

All they really need to do is change the name to Super 3DS or 3DSi or 3DS+ for consumer confusion. The DSi didn't cause death and destruction to the DS, so why should this one be different? The Dsi could play games the regular DS could not.

Beetey2485d ago

Here is a list of all the DSi games that couldn't be played on the DS. This should be proof enough that the situation is much worse than it was when the DSi was released.

darthv722485d ago

that's interesting. i didnt even know there were DSi specific game cards. DSi to me was all the downloadable stuff. the DSi-ware as it was called.

it was a better DS and when the 3DS came out...that too was an even better DS/DSi.

bass4g2485d ago

And most likely there won't be many games that only work for the new 3ds either.

Kavorklestein2485d ago (Edited 2485d ago )

I think this is kinda cool actually. It makes me think of the best of both worlds of a 3ds, and a Wii U gamepad controller.

I think it's good that the touch screen and dual screen stuff is still in there to support older 3ds titles, and having extra buttons is cool- perhaps they will allow Smash Bros on 3ds to take advantage of the new buttons that are available?

Not really mad about this one, because Nintendo has ALWAYS been the type to re-release handhelds or new renditions of handhelds every couple years. At least THIS seems like a bigger step forward then just a slim or XL version of the same damn thing lol and if it play all the older games, what is there to complain about? Honestly folks, it's NOT a huge deal.

DryBoneKoopa852486d ago

Here we go... knew this wasn't going to take long. Nintendo sucks yeah yeah yeah. Nintendo can't doing anything right yeah yeah yeah... Same old S*** just another day.

I for one am excited for the new 3DS. Opens up a bunch of new possibilities for Nintendo. For instance Xenoblade Chronicles. A game like that would not be able to fit on a small little cartridge unless Nintendo could upgrade the hardware. Also this version of the 3DS is adding in NFC for popular games like Skylanders,Disney Infinity, and soon to be Nintendo's own Amiibo figures.

How come Sony can release a new model of the Vita with them changing the screen and other things about the handheld but as soon as Nintendo comes out with a new and improved 3DS its considered blasphemy. This industry walks a very crooked line of double standards.

Majin-vegeta2486d ago

Wasnt the vita more of a downgrade?Also you cant compare both unlike the new 3ds all vita games still work on both models.Wanna play Xenoblade on your old 3ds??Good luck spend the cash to upgrade.

wonderfulmonkeyman2486d ago (Edited 2486d ago )

That's because the new vita isn't a substantial power upgrade over the psp.
The 3ds xl will have a much better cpu that will do great things for games designed around the hardware and will likely have other tech improvements,too.

iamnsuperman2486d ago (Edited 2486d ago )


And what games are you expecting to do that? Nintendo first party might but the third party developers won't. Remember the old 3DS (which has a lot of units sold) can't do said stuff the new one can. Unless Nintendo is planning to release another pokémon in a year or two I don't see why a lot of consumer will jump across (asking them to put down another 200 or so for a system that will play a relatively few games compared to the system they already own). It is like the half next generation which could make consumers loose confidence in future handheld devices. They buy this and a new generation comes out in what two years? Then two years after that a newer one? Who knows since they have made this move

darthv722486d ago

Sony did make improvements to the psp 2000 in comparison to the 1000. Most notably was doubling of the internal ram.

Games released after that point took advantage of that extra memory as well as the features like UMD caching. The newer games still played on the older 1000 but did suffer a bit from performance differences.

jholden32492485d ago

Yeah but how is that in any way a bad thing? If you don't upgrade, you won't be able to play that game. But you never would've been able to play it anyways because the game can't run on the hardware as it stands. So basically all this is doing is giving us options. If you SO DESIRE, you can upgrade and play the game. But any games that only play on the new iteration, are going to be games that never would've ran on the original hardware anyways. So what's the problem? Why would anybody be against having the option to upgrade and play a game that you otherwise would have never been able to play? I mean it's not like you have to do it, it's your choice.

And future games that take advantage of the hardware power can do so in a way that the game is playable on both new and old systems, for games that are able to run on the status quo hardware.

It's just a new iteration of 3DS, one we all knew was coming. Only this particular iteration has the added benefit of playing games that up until this point, weren't able to run on 3DS hardware. Which is a huge incentive. If you upgrade, not only do you get the new features but you get access to new games as well. How is this a bad thing?

If you decide not to upgrade, nothing changes for you. All future games are still going to be playable on the system. Any games that won't be playable, never would have been able to run on the hardware in the first place, so you're losing nothing.

Wanna play Xenoblade on 3DS? At least you have the option to do so now, whereas if they never made these new iterations, the game would've never made it to the handheld.

I just don't understand how someone would complain about being given the option to upgrade and the option to access games that can't run on status quo hardware.

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iamnsuperman2486d ago

Sony made the device cheaper by removing a better type of screen with a less good one. But the input is the same just not as beautiful too look at. Nintendo has gone the other way about it. Adding functionality. This has never worked in the past. Developers are reluctant to jump across (especially with a not her stick which is something you just don't patch in) because it is a fundamental change. If they don't use the advantages of the new system why would consumers buy it? They have gone the wrong way. They should have waited two years and made a proper next generation. This is a half step on the same ecosystem

darthv722486d ago

The circle pad pro when paired with a game that supports

Take that same game and use it without the CPP and the game still plays but the control is adjusted for the lack of the CPP being present.

its not a patch its just the way the game is programmed to see if its there or not.

SilentNegotiator2485d ago (Edited 2485d ago )

Here we angry Nintendo fanboy that takes every piece of Nintendo criticism with hostility. And gracefully bringing Vita into this...comparing Vita's screen change with changes that could potentially segment the 3DS userbase.

Revengeance2485d ago

Yes because it's okay to cause consumer confusion with this and when the consumer buys games that don't work on their 3DS it's not Nintendo's fault. So then they realize they have to buy a BRAND NEW 3DS just to play these games. Yeah Nintendo is definitely not in the wrong.


Instead of being a fanboy and defending Nintendo at every corner why don't you try looking at the negatives for once.

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EcoSos32486d ago

Most people were crying as to why Nintendo didn't add a second slidepad to the 3ds and now that they are doing that you people are still mad at them for doing so. Make up your mind already, looks like its true it doesn't matter what Nintendo do people are still going to hate on them.

ArtificiallyYours2486d ago

It has a significantly broader controller layout. A second nub and adding Z-Buttons is a considerably larger upgrade.

I root for all the hardware available, but there needs to be an upgrade program to compensate for very recent XL/2DS owners.

voodoochild3462485d ago

This is more of an integration of the circle pad pro into the 3ds. The only issue should be the exclusive games that take advantage of the extra power new 3ds has. If you wanted the extra pad and buttons you could have bought the $20 accessory a long time ago.

thehobbyist2485d ago

"but there needs to be an upgrade program to compensate for very recent XL/2DS owners."

You really don't think that there won't be a trade-in offer from places like Best Buy and Gamestop to get more people to upgrade to n3DS?

isarai2486d ago

I think the issue is that it's closer to an entirely new handheld as it has quite a bit of new features including more power (meaning games for "New 3DS" will most likely not work with peoples current 3DS) Now normally that'd still be great news, but Nintendo are making it confusing with the "New 3DS" name as it all sounds too familiar and most people will not know there's a difference, they're just going to think it's a DS to DSi type situation when in fact it's a whole new thing. It's going to be the Wii U reveal all over again, only maybe even slightly more confusing.

jholden32492485d ago

I think you and I both know from observing how they handled the 2DS, that Nintendo will post huge broad letters on any game only running on the new 3DS. Huge letters that says only runs on new 3DS.

And keep in mind, the segment of the market that would normally get confused about this sort of thing, is officially no longer Nintendo's target market. According to Nintendo through both their words and actions, they are going back to focusing on the core gamer and are abandoning chasing the casual market on dedicated gaming systems. Plus I don't think people are as dumb as many make them out to be. If the game says only runs on new 3DS, does not run on 3DS, I'm pretty sure people are intelligent enough to figure that out.

bass4g2485d ago

It IS the DS to the DSi. The DSi also had exclusive games and added features, like the camera and also had more power than the DS. Technically there were games for the DSi that were not available for the DS. In fact all the features that are being added (apart from micro sd support) can be added to the 3ds using attachements (the circle pad pro adds extra buttons as well and it's getting an amiibo attachment). The only difference between the 3ds and the new 3ds that can't be replicated is the small increase in processing power and chances are that for 80% of games that won't matter. Like it didn't matter for most DS games. Also even if they do decide to fully turn this into a half jump it's not like there isn't any precedent. Do people not remember the gameboy colour? That was a half jump. There were games throughout the GBCs lifespan that could be played on both the gameboy and gameboy colour and there was a lot of games that you could only play on the GBC, they even came with a chart on the back that told you whether or not you could play the game. It didn't kill the line and it didn't as far as I recall lose nintendo a lot of money.

LucasRuinedChildhood2486d ago

Nope, you've used a straw man argument - you've built an argument by misrepresenting what others have said and you've ran with it.

People are complaining that their 3DSs have essentially been made obsolete since they won't be able to play certain newer games, and they'll need to buy an additional 3DS to play them. You've focused on one of the smaller revisions, which people aren't particularly irritated about. Besides, anyone who may have complained about that were only annoyed that it wasn't included in earlier versions/wasn't included at launch, which is an attempt to make people buy another system, as seen with the New 3DS.

SilentNegotiator2485d ago

Yeah...three and a half flippin' years ago. How many games are going to support "New 3DS" when 45 million (being generous, let's say 44m after Circle Pad pros) can't use a second circle pad?

Dual circle pads could have been standard if Nintendo hadn't made the same mistake as PSP, but now it's too late.

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ritsuka6662486d ago

The same happened with the DSi and it having its on store. Don't think its is mistake for Nintendo.