Xbox Gamers Are Helping Sony Beat Microsoft

CCC Says: "I want you to close your eyes and picture yourself watching one of those old black and white classic Universal Studios monster movies. As the moon rises over a rundown village, the villagers storm a gloomy castle with torches in hand. Inside, Dr. Frankenstein awakens his grotesque creation after a few thunderous bolts of lightning. While naturally his intent was pure (or pure-ish), they say the path to hell is paved with intentions such as these. The course of events set in motion would eventually lead to his undoing. Not exactly a happy ending for the poor doctor or his monstrous creation.

And what the hell was the point of that little exercise you might ask? Simple! This essentially mirrors the tale of the Xbox One and PlayStation 4! WE are Dr. Frankenstein and Sony is Frankenstein’s monster."

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nicksetzer12491d ago (Edited 2491d ago )

Wow, this is probabaly the worst articles I have ever read. His simile couldn't have been more confusing if he tried. This just comes of as a meager attempt to fan the fanboy flames by making assumptions and presenting them as fact. For example, Sony assumes that many are first time PS owners, however in reality most people simply created new accounts as they didn't have PS+ on PS3. Lastly, gamers change sides every generation, there aren't "xbox gamers" they are just gamers who owned an xbox product. There shouldn't be some assanine expectation that they MUST remain loyal to that company or else they are "helping sony."

URNightmare2491d ago (Edited 2491d ago )

"Sony assumes that many are first time PS owners, however in reality most people simply created new accounts as they didn't have PS+ on PS3."

If you had any idea of the amount of people I've met online and streaming that say they didn't own a PS3 last gen. A lot of ppl jumped ship believe it or not.

But I do agree on this article being poorly written. A bit confusing at times.

The only one helping Sony beat Microsoft is Microsoft. Their arrogance is their own enemy.

Mr Pumblechook2491d ago (Edited 2491d ago )

In the UK last gen the majority of gamers I met were 360 owners. A big part of why we became an Xbox country is that the PS3 wasn't launched until SIXTEEN months after the 360. Sony squandered their PS2 user base and by the time the PS3 came out many hardcore had migrated.

With PS4 Sony have done things differently. They launched their console at the same time as their competitor but the significantly cheaper price (£80 difference here) the benefits of free games with PlayStation Plus, and the reports of the PS4 being more powerful all helped. But I think the biggest thing that helped were the reports that with this console the new PlayStation was a return to form for Sony and that the machine had been designed specifically for gamers. The result is that many new buyers have upgraded from 360. Last November Gaf was filled with stories from people who had done the same. The UK has been labelled a PlayStation Nation again.

I have three hardcore, HARDCORE 360 mates who bought a PS4 at launch and love it. One of them will be begrudgingly be buying an Xbone for Halo Master Chief collection but only because he Loves Halo - it shows the power of some exclusives.
But the morale of the story is that Sony couldn't have hot those figures without the help from 360 owners.

Monster_Tard2491d ago

I don't know why it's hard for some to believe that many jumped ship, the console sells should be proof enough.

I owned a 360 last gen, never even tried the PS3 and I jumped ships because all the stuff Microsoft was trying to pull before the release of the X1, most got changed but to me it showed their lack of knowledge about gaming and their customers and a part from the exclusives, what reason would there be for me to choose the X1 over a PS4? the games look better on the PS4, it has a cheaper monthly price and it was $100 cheaper at the time I bought it.

I know some wouldn't believe that I was an Xbox fan, so here's a link to my GT with 80k+ gamerscore, feel free to message me.

johndoe112112491d ago


I think you missed the bigger picture with this statement he made "Sony assumes that many are first time PS owners, however in reality most people simply created new accounts as they didn't have PS+ on PS3."

The real question is WHAT THE HELL DOES THAT HAVE TO DO WITH ANYTHING??????? That comment is so asinine I had to read it over like 7 or 8 times to make sure i was reading it right?

Since when does anyone have to create a new account to get ps+ on their playstation????? That comment makes absolutely no freaking sense and goes into the list of "completely erroneous and utterly stupid things xbox supporters say".

Why o why2491d ago Show
GameNameFame2491d ago

Xbox fanboys made MS arrogant though. Middle of last gen, Xbox was criticized for having too little exclusives.

Fanboys defended them to death.

MS goes casual with kinetic and focuses hard on itt over core gaming.

Fanboys defended them to death.

This makes MS think they can get away with far weaker console at same price or higher price. Whose fault is that? It is their fanboy's fault too.

Tru_Ray2490d ago

Is it just me or is this one of the most difficult articles to follow in a long time? The author should stop trying so hard to be clever and provide us with some insight as to why the PS4 has been so successful. There is nothing here that hasn't been said five thousand times. Perhaps that is too much to ask for from our esteemed video game "journalists".


headblackman2490d ago

are you talking about the reveal of the x1?? if so, then that arrogance has been corrected a long time even before the system was ever launched. so if everything was fixed, how can you hate on a console for doing the right thing that was asked of them way before the system ever released. i wish these fake games would could that crap out. just microsoft and the xbox one off of what it HAS done since it's been released and not based off of the idea before the systems launch. the xbox one has crossed every t and dotted every i and fake gamers still try their hardest to find a problem with it by holding on to something that never happened. but then praise sony for doing everything that they crucified microsoft for having an idea to do, but never did. say what you will, but this console generation is some bogus, hypocritical bull!!!

redwin2490d ago (Edited 2490d ago )

GameNameFame, makes more cense than this article. But the reality is that 360 was the game console to have the first 2/3 of last gen and then they stopped making games. Alan Wake was the last worthy thing they put out and people kept asking for another and they did not listen . Now, Sony was fighting right out if the gate and players asked for another infamous and they got it. And Sony wanted to get a good console that was more affordable . I'm sure MS did not think of any if these, they just though that people will comeback because they are Xbox . MS will not make a comeback untill they are cheaper and they come out with a VR glasses and they start making game . These thoughts come from a consumer .

CuddlyREDRUM2490d ago

Just not the number Sony thinks. Yoshida has said that half of the PS4 sales are from people who never owned a PS3. That is very hard to believe.

MonsterChef2490d ago

@headblackman what are you talking about? What Microsoft showed in their reveal it showed that not only do they not know what gamers want but they also showed their perception of the gamer market that with them it will always be a business first, as evident with their decision to lock up the TIMED exclusive tomb raider it didn't help them at all Xbox gamers where still getting that game and all it did was prevent it's sale on other platform, you should be thanking Sony for your games with gold program funny how that started isn't it

Why o why2490d ago

Wait a can calling unknown people twits be a personal attack.... n4g huh

ChronoJoe2490d ago

I don't hate the article, I mean the author is clearly not stupid but some of what he wrote doesn't make much sense.

For instance "Nintendo being the accessible alternative of non-gamer" non-gamer types? what? there games are more family friendly, but they're still very much games. Doesn't make sense.

KarmaV122490d ago (Edited 2490d ago )

You're brainwashed. If Sony did what Microsoft did at its reveal what do you think would have happened?? Not a damn thing. You people act like Sony is your God, you follow everything they do without questioning.
It's a good thing Tomb Raider is a timed exclusive or whatever the hell it is, because Microsoft is putting money into making sure that the game is an incredible experience. Sorry Sony stopped promoting the series as much, but they kind of are focused on Indie Games for the rest of their life.
People like you twist everything Microsoft does, no matter what it is, and stomp it to shreds. You never give up till you are satisfied with someone regretting their purchase of an Xbox One. Guess What!! It never works, cause people who buy an X1 do it because Microsoft is a company who gives us what we want, even if that means spending millions of dollars to change the entire design of the Xbox One in order to deliver the best experience for gamers.
Now go on and complain that the best experience is on Playstation cause it looks better with a magnifying glass or computer software telling you the 2 frames it dropped on Xbox that you will never notice with your eyes.
I'm tired of coming on this stupid site and seeing everyone bash Microsoft and act like you're God. You're not, so go hide in your cave of ignorance and leave us be.

k3rn3ll2490d ago

Only problem is my xbox friends list hasn't seen people switching over like Sony says.

chrismichaels042490d ago (Edited 2490d ago )

I can see the point the article is trying to make. I personally know many Xbox 360 fans that migrated over to the PS3 in the last few years. And now in the new gen, they all went with the PS4. I even have one friend specifically that was a *hardcore* Xbox 360 fan last gen, that picked up an Xbox one at launch. A few months ago he decided to get a PS4 and now he barely plays on his Xbox one anymore. All of these longtime Xbox fans have helped boost PS4s sales one way or another.

MonsterChef2489d ago

@KarmaV12 I'm not brainwashed, I really thought leading up to this generation that Xbox was going to completely leap frog over the Playstation then the reveal happened and my good did they shoot themselves in the foot, if Sony did what Microsoft did I would have bought a Xbox one in a heartbeat and let Sony rot, I'm not blinded by platform loyalty,, I had a 360 till it rrod on me twice and I got an elite which also rrod on me I didn't even get to enjoy gears of war 2 on it because it happened to me when I popped it in their, you my friend are brainwashed and that's fine if you enjoy their games more power too you but don't go blabing about how there's no games on my ps4 when I've been playing it constantly since launch.. Again have fun with your Xbox really I don't dislike you I dislike SOME of Microsofts policies

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rainslacker2491d ago

Well...any article that asks you to close your eyes in the first sentence is initially flawed for obvious reasons.

Volkama2491d ago

You weren't supposed to take that literally. How long did you sit there with your eyes closed before rejoining the real world? :-)

ShowGun9012491d ago

close your eyes...

*15min later*



jmac532490d ago

@Volkama I think you took his comment too literal.

rainslacker2490d ago

According to my last post I guess 16 hours...

I call it sleeping, so I guess the article is a good cure for insomnia.

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SniperControl2491d ago (Edited 2491d ago )

"For example, Sony assumes that many are first time PS owners, however in reality most people simply created new accounts as they didn't have PS+ on PS3"

You don't need to open a new account just to get PS+, once you subscribe to PS+, you existing PSN is upgraded to PS+.

lfc_4eva2491d ago (Edited 2491d ago )

Ignore my reply dude. I didn't understand initially what you were saying.

But now i see the light :-)

KwietStorm_BLM2491d ago (Edited 2491d ago )

You just did a nice bit of assuming yourself. Created new accounts because they didn't have PS+ on PS3 lol that wouldn't even make sense. It's completely unnecessary.

LonDonE2491d ago

Agreed also even if some one created a new psn account sony would still know if they were new or not since the they could see the consoles mac address and the persons ip address! so Sony would always know if this person or any person from this address or playstation had previously accessed psn on sony servers.
That guys logic is clearly flawed.

Near enough every one i know who were die hard xbots in uk have made the switch! in fact only 5 or so playstation friends from my psn list have moved onto PS4 like me and the rest are still banging the good old PS3!!

Sony are killing this gen and due to MS and their stupidity and under powered console & drm they tried to pull, allot of core xbox gamers have jumped ship.
I know casual dude bro xbox gamers to this day who still think the camera has to be on and all the drm is still a problem etc.

Eonjay2491d ago

The thing that I have a problem with is the insinuation that gamers "belong" to corporations. Sony can't steal gamers because they never belonged to Microsoft to begin with.

Axios22491d ago ShowReplies(9)
ForgottenProphecy2491d ago

you do realize Sony does surveys and ask "Have you had a PS3? Have you had a 360? Have you had a Wii"?

MysticStrummer2491d ago

Badly written article aside, the basic premise is sound. People "jumped ship" from Sony to MS when they bought 360s instead of PS3s early on, and the same thing is happening now. I think a lot of the ship jumping happened before XB1 was ever revealed, because just about every gamer I know switched from 360 back to PS3 years ago and are now just carrying over to PS4. The ride on MS's ship was only temporary, as evidenced by their first place start and last place finish last generation. The same thing could conceivably happen to Sony if they make the same mistakes MS did as this generation goes on.

Evilsnuggle2491d ago (Edited 2491d ago )

[email protected]

Did you ever read the article. This survey was not done by Sony. No it was done by Nielsen . Nielsen a company started in 1920 . Nielsen TV ratings is how every Corporation in America who advertises on television . Decides how to spend their advertisement dollars on television. Hundreds of billions of dollars are spent based on The Nielsen TV ratings. Sorry to break this to you but Nielsen ratings are the Platinum standard. No Nielsen is not in the tank for Sony or work/helping Sony. Nielsen helps company advertise . Both PSN and xbox live is away to advertise. Nielsen is selling companies viewership information to companies who want to reach a large audience that is PS4 not x1. Do you think Wallstreet CEO's known that PS4 has x1 by double , hugely popular and the gap between PS4 and x1 is still widening hell no . CEO's don't read gaming website . No they read business reports and business information. This delusion and paranoidness needs to stop. Xbonefanboy Sony is lying cooking the books lying about surveys. This is not Sony who did this survey . No it Nielsen a super well respect it company who is not on Sony or Microsoft side . Nielsen make their money by being unbiased and correct.

All you fanboys are delusional. That means xbonefanboy, pc fanboys , wiiu fanboys and sony fanboys . Fanboyism is when you can't acept the truth. Because you are so blinded by your emotional attachment to a company or product . That you can't accept the facts. Fanboys are so delusional that they try to convince others to believe in their personal delusions.

[email protected]

If you don't want the truth go read misterxmedia x blog. Sony didn't make this survey Nielsen TV ratings company did.

[email protected]

"None of my mates have one and they like games, they have never shown interest of getting a Playstation 4 though, they just don't care. "

I hope you have a hell of a lot of mates . Because x1 has not even sold 5 million x1. X1 is more than 5 million behind the PS4 . But the gap is still widening PS4 this week out sold x1 more than 3 to 1 worldwide. So you and your mates have a lot of x1 to buy .

y7jzdgy2490d ago

How the hell do you call everyone out as a fanboy when you're one yourself? Don't deny it either! You're posting here.

harrisk9542490d ago

"His simile couldn't have been more confusing if he tried."

I agree with you. Terrible article.... but, I think that this is more of a metaphor and not a simile. :)

jmac532490d ago

Agreed, I am sick of "journalists" and even comments on this site inferring that I am a traitor or that I jumped ship like I owe any allegiance to a corporation. I just voted with my wallet the best place to be this generation which is Sony.

3-4-52490d ago

Writer of this article needs to go back to school.

ziggurcat2490d ago


"Sony assumes that many are first time PS owners, however in reality most people simply created new accounts as they didn't have PS+ on PS3. "

in who's reality, exactly? i hate to break it to you, buddy, but you do not have to create an entirely new account just to get PS+ on PS4. what you just said was simply one the worst attempts at goal post moving i've seen in a while.

what would the point be when your PS+ subscription applies across *all* playstation products?

Mithan2490d ago

I have a PS4 (got it 3 days ago) and have not played anything on it yet because there isn't anything worth playing on it yet IMO.

That being said, I don't bashing the Xbox One is cool. I don't have an X1 yet either.

May gamers are idiots. Not all idiots are gamers though.

MonsterChef2490d ago

Your opinion and that's good, I've been playing a lot of indies on it for a change of pace last Gen I just played a lot of call of duty that I'm jaded on that style of playing so I picked up don't starve and have been on it since last year along with the last of us factions mp, that's a very different style of games from what I was playing on the ps3.. So look for new experiences man the store has it, I must admit though I got don't starve for free on PS plus

2cents2490d ago


I totally agree with you.

Jason messer is so transparent with his bullsh1t journalism. I like how the intro has been laid as CCC Says, instead of Sony fanboy Jason messer says.

Every time I see that smug faced profile picture of him, it is always connected to a anti xbox article.

I can only use myself as an example, I had a ps2 and xbox when people said the ps was king. I had a ps3 and a xbox 360 when they said xbox was king. Now I have a ps4 and xbox one when they are saying ps is king.
I'm the king. End.

Bigpappy2490d ago

Correct. Even though I remain with the Xbox brand and still prefer many aspects of Xbox over PlayStation, I don't owe loyalty to Xbox. I would go out and buy a PS4 tomorrow if I felt like I needed one. The Xbox still has much more appeal to me, and it has everything to do with comfort and personal preferences. Nothing to do will which company gets to sell the most or me belonging to some Xbox clan. Most people I game with are family and close friends.

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crusf2491d ago Show
HanzoHattori2491d ago

A fanboy impersonating a reporter. LOL

How can a consumer be blamed for the success or failure of any particular product? This article is a shining example of how a fanboy can go from rational to nitwit in under 10 seconds.

ShowGun9012491d ago (Edited 2491d ago )


one console is winning, so its frankenstiens monster? you loaded a gun and handed it to sony?

sony leg-dropped Macho Man Randy Savage?! (seriously, this guys metaphors...)

the fanyboyism is strong in this one.

Artemidorus2491d ago ShowReplies(2)
iNFAMOUZ12491d ago

how childish, no ones beating anyone, we are all gamers

BillmadeAGate2491d ago

You make to much sense to have one bubble lol.. bubble up 😊