5 Annoying Things Horror Games Need to Stop Doing

BD writes: As much as I love the horror genre, it’s far from perfect. Much like the SHODAN, this genre is always evolving, learning and adapting. It’s always studying those puny insects who play its games, the same predictable sacks of meat and bone who return year after year looking for their horror fix.

Every once in a while our favorite genre imitates its human creators and does something wrong. The result is something that we — the insects I mentioned earlier who habitually return seeking to satiate our hunger for delicious horror gaming goodness — with a game or even a small part of a game that’s not very good. The level of suck one feels when this happens is made exponentially worse when the game in question is good, or worse, great. How could a mistake like this be made, you ask, as tears of frustration blur your vision and the screen that’s still displaying the mistake that tried to ruin your good time.

Because recognizing the problem is the first step to remedying it, I’ve compiled a list of what I consider to be some of the horror genre’s worst offenders.

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Austin482491d ago

These days horror games give you too much ammo thats something they need to fix