Top 5 Books That Should be Games

OnlySP: The video game industry sees tons of movies turned into video games. Now, most of these done are for a quick cash grab, but there are the occasional great movie video game – I’m looking at you Spider Man 2. However, a very rare item seen in video games is books turning into games. Which is kinda odd, as books have a key element that most games undervalue – a great narrative. In this list, we will look at a young, growing manchild’s list of books he would love to see come to consoles or PC sooner rather than later.

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Orbertron2482d ago (Edited 2482d ago )

Well I'm getting my RedWall fix from Ghost Of A Tale when that comes out on [email protected], can't wait.

If you don't know about RedWall, please watch the cartoon show or read the books they are fantastic.