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John Wyma, GIZORAMA - "Quick, name the greatest First-Person Shooter ever created in the history of gaming! Too slow! For those of you still thinking, let me be far from the first to declare that GoldenEye 007 stands today as one of the greatest gaming pinnacles the industry has ever reached. Quick, what, besides your friend’s greasy hands all over your favorite controller, was the most heinous kind of treachery committed during late-night, GoldenEye, multiplayer bonanzas? If you answered ‘Screen-looking’, then we are well on our way to being just the best of friends (I would have also accepted choosing Oddjob over and over again).

Screen-looking was (and still is, though rare in appearance) a capital offense, with the accused often being branded as a dirty, lying cheater. Friendships were ruined, controllers were thrown, and I’m sure somewhere along the line Mountain Dew was spilt. Don’t get me wrong, I did my fair share of peeking, but hey, point me to the one person who has never screen-looked and I shall hail them as the Greek God of Self Control. My point is, as much as we hate catching someone else doing it, we ourselves are guilty of the double standard. It’s in our nature to use what resources we have to our advantage, and that’s exactly what Samurai Punk had in mind with the development of their latest game, Screencheat."

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