Attack of the sleeping sexist: the corruption of the gaming industry

In light of the recent attacks on female gamers, this article is a slightly exasperated reflection on the downright disturbing sexism and general misconduct that have been plaguing gaming culture for far too long.

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Halo2ODST22444d ago

Please do not approve this BullShit, you are hurting Gaming as a whole here, making the entire Outside Community think of us as Misogynists, and This BS is getting in the way of REAL NEWS/ARTICLES, like new information about Destiny, or Issues concerning The New Consoles you just bought

medusicah2444d ago

Considering what has happened during the past few days I would assume that it is more or less clear that this is a reaction to the negative behaviour that has indeed been conducted by 'gamers'. I am in no way stating that every gamer is a misogynist. I am part of the gaming community myself so saying that we're all misogynists would be decremental to my own status. I understand that this is not a piece that will go down well with everyone, the tone may be a bit too aggressive for generic appreciation. The whole idea is that it is written with passion as a genuine reaction from someone who is tired and sad of seeing an industry she loves being given a bad rep as well as being ruined by the people responsible for this kind of behaviour.
I urge you speak up and let the world know that not every gamer is a misogynist, if you feel that you are represented as such. It would convey a powerful message that is equally important right now.

StifflerK2444d ago

As for the recent scandal with Sarkeesian , I'm just gonna leave this here.

Look at it carefully.

Who initially used this as proof? (minus the writing over the top.)
The perpetrator's account?
Timing of the tweets and the screencap?
Conveniently deleted afterwards?

Has something like this happened before?
To the same person?
Who benefits?
Why aren't the legal charges pursued and a culprit found - any normal person in the same position would want that, right?

medusicah2443d ago

Definitely something to think about. I've also stumbled over this:
The content of her videos are no less relevant or true because of this though, even though she may not necessarily be an actual fan (but yes, I find it very peculiar that she would make researched videos about video games without actually being someone who plays games). What happened with the Sarkeesian case is only an example of what is continously happen to women in the industry though, most of who will never state what they experience officially.

Spotie2443d ago

Problem is- and this is what too many intentionally ignore- EVERYONE is subject to such harassment.

The handful of times I've gone online using XBL, I've been subjected to a slew of racial insults because I'm black. Meanwhile, in my years of being on PSN, it's happened once. Does that mean I should assume everyone with a 360 is racist? That no one on PS3 is?

That's the sort of argument Anita and her ilk are making: that the isolated- but highly publicized- incidents that a few have experienced are indicative of the community mentality, as a whole.

And they NEVER address the issue of women using their gender to get ahead, as frequently- though not USUALLY- happens in MMOs.

They also downplay the notion that men are as often subjected to the same abuse. Some of the insults used may be different, but that's it.

Welcome to the internet, where anonymity lets your inner asshole shine. There's no concerted effort to attack any particular group; if you play online, you WILL be harassed, and your gender is irrelevant.

That's why nobody takes this crap seriously: because the argument is being made inside a bubble where no one else is subjected to such treatment. Or, if they are, it's okay then for some bizarre reason.

You can extend this to female characters, as well. There's no shortage of men who are eye candy, sexualized ideals of what a man supposedly is. But people like Sarkeesian ignore that to focus on one or two incidents that aren't exactly about sexism in the first place.

medusicah2442d ago

Sarkeesian's videos places focus on the fortification of stereotypes and sexism in the actual games we play though? The issue is not exclusive to the harassment happening online, it is a real problem for a lot of women working in the industry in one form or other. It's not exclusive to gaming culture, we're all so used to accepting various ideas of gender, representation etc that the suggestion that these sets of stereotypes are undermining progress and equality, are perceived with doubt and hostility. Why should we avoid drawing attention to these kind of issues and try to encourage awareness and change?

You're right in saying that a lot of people are subject to harassment but that doesn't mean that we should all just sit here and gently accept that harassment is a part of gaming culture by default.

What is sad is that so many are responding to these scandals in a way that only enforces a sexist interpretation. I would love to see someone defend the equality of the industry. It would be really interesting to see examples of how the industry is -not- misogynist. But so far people have mostly responded with aggression and threats, which does nothing but to reinforce the issue that is pointed out in the first place.

And a lot of us are taking this seriously because for us, it really does matter. I am personally an advocate for sexualising male characters in games as it is clear that sex is something that sells and that we want, but men are no way near as sexualised as women in games as it stands today.