Problems with the Gaming Industry

Ryan Lodata, Executive Editor, of GamePlasma writes:

"The internet has been up in arms over the recent accusations against Majestic Studios, developers of Limbo of the Lost. When I went to post this article, I did not think it would receive such an overwhelming and quick response from Bethesda, TriSynergy, and the gaming community as a whole. There is not a comment or forum that I have not read the response to about this situation. After looking back at the past two days, I have begun to wonder exactly how often this has been repeated."

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MK_Red3777d ago

"If the allegations prove to be true against Majestic Studios, this could quite possibly be the biggest insult against us in the history of our community."
So true.

dxmnecro3777d ago

Yeah, I am kinda tired of getting jerked around like cattle.

Silogon3777d ago

Why, though? Really look at how absurd and hypocritical these people are being and you all. So the same textures were used. Big deal. The same layout was used, waaaahhaahhahaah. Cry and cry again.

Do you know that 98% of all nes & snes rpg's looked the same? They reused the same pixels for walls, grounds, towns everything. If you put in Dragon Warrior right now and go into a town and then put in Ultima exodus or final fantasy you'll be hard pressed to tell the difference.

This is nothing new and if people have time to pick apart this "limbo of the lost" Then they need to pick apart Rockstar and Gta4 cause it's undeserving of a 10.

Put your time where it needs to go. Limbo of the lost was never going to be a seller. It wasn't going to be 60 bucks. Gta4 is a travesty.

Vecta3777d ago (Edited 3777d ago )

You obviously don't realize that they not only stole and used textures that people over at Bethesda worked hard on they also stole 3d models...not the layout...

And Stealing you know, is considered a crime.