Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain Looks at the Less Serious Side of Stealth-action Espionage

The Metal Gear Solid series has never been afraid to inject some humor into its serpentine story lines, dramatic cut-scenes, and neck-snapping action. If you’ve ever hidden in a cardboard box, distracted a guard with a risque magazine, or played that memorable section of Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty – where Raiden runs around naked – you’re already well-aware that director Hideo Kojima’s stealth-espionage epic enjoys tickling ribs when protagonist Snake isn’t breaking them.

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our_games_are_art1926d ago

nice article, I for one love kojimas humor and hope that there are more shenanigans we haven't seen yet. That being said I know I'll do my first play through super seriously as I always do

scark921925d ago

For me, Metal Gear Solid is nothing without its humour!
Metal Gear Solid is known for its ridiculous events and the humour adds to that imo!

daBUSHwhaka1925d ago

Totally agree.Humour is what makes MG as special as it is.The Phantom Pain should be no different.Can't wait to see what madness awaits.

Matt6661925d ago

For me MGS is an amazing game series anyway and I can't wait to play The Phantom Pain

Lord_Sloth1925d ago

Bought a PS3 for MGS4. Bought a PS4 for MGSV. Absolutely exstatic!

Batzi1925d ago

Same. Bought a PSP for Peace Walker.

Wizard_King1925d ago

Got a PS3 for MGS4 and the HD collection. Cool thing is that MGSV is coming out on PC to, so I'm not inclined to get a PS4 just for it this time round when I have a great gaming rig already. If it was exclusive to PS4, then they would have me by the balls and I'd probably buy/steal a PS4 just to play it.

Kojima is still in no way less a system mover when it comes to games. Sony lost heaps when they let him go multiplatform or at least multipatform away from Sony i.e. Xbox and PC.

paul-p19881923d ago

Funny thing is I feel like Kojima still prefers the Playstation, maybe it was a Konami decision to go multi-plat.
Look at the recent MGSV trailer showing off the boxes, Snake had a PS4 box on his head lol. I'd be surprised if he did the same thing on the Xbox version (obviously with an Xbox box instead of PS4)

GrandpaSnake1925d ago

i bought a nintendo for metal gear then a ps1 for mgs then a ps2 for mgs3 and subsistence then a ps3 for mgs4 and mgo now its a ps4 for destiny but im actually anticipating mgs 5 and mgo a lot more!

the_mack_attack31925d ago

I have no problem with humor is Metal Gear! The box with the picture of the woman on the front was hilarious but utterly ridiculous!

Clown_Syndr0me1925d ago

Cannot wait for this. Never played the first, loved 2 and 3 and hated 4.
Ive played the prologue and enjoyed the gameplay (glad I only rented it...) so I'm hoping I'll enjoy this one!

Aghashie1925d ago

How can u like the second and hate the fourth? Should be the other way around.

My favorite MG games are: 1, 3, 4, Portable Ops and Peace Walker. (In other words, all of then but the second.)

Snake Eater is my absolute favorite. I literally cried when battling The Boss. I didnt wanted to kill her :(

Clown_Syndr0me1925d ago

I don't know, after Snake Eater, MGS4 was awful. I felt it was more cutscene than anything else and it felt so linear.
For its time MGS2 was phenomenal for me, but Snake Eater just blew it away. Loved that game so much, and although it was linear it had a feeling of freedom...if that makes any sense at all!!

Lord_Sloth1925d ago

I swear I'm the only person who actually hated The Boss! As the letterbox vanished I was mashing the shoot button so much, I couldn't wait for her to die. She bored and annoyed me to tears.

aaron58291925d ago

ahh, Peacewalker! loved the song Heavens Divide

Am_Ryder1925d ago (Edited 1925d ago )

I totally agree.

MGS2's story was trite and mostly cutscene, but the gameplay was a totally next generation experience at the time.

MGS3 is perfect in almost every way.

MGS4's gameplay is possibly the greatest gameplay ever created- but the mostly bullshit story and 15 hours cutscene time utterly ruined what could have been a masterpiece. Not to mention act 3 and 5 are really lame (except 5's dramatic climaxes).

I've got a feeling Phantom Pain is going to be the one to usurp Snake Eater... I've got an insanely good vibe about it.

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