The Problem with The Word Exclusive

If you're a gamer you are familiar with the 'exclusive'. Early in gaming this meant something but now it seems a way to make titles seem more desirable. Nikki of Gamer Assault Weekly takes a look at what is wrong with the word 'exclusive' and how the industry uses it.

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VRex72482d ago

I've come to the point where I just ignore any "exclusive" as being that because 9/10 times it won't be. Any seasoned gamer would know this and it's not really doing a whole lot for the companies to position themselves this way.

Enemy2482d ago (Edited 2482d ago )

Depends on who's claiming "exclusive." Usually, when Sony says it will be, it's true, because pretty much 100% of the stuff they publish they own.

Now, as far exclusive DLC for multiplatform games goes, it's always safe to assume it'll show up on other platforms sooner or later. They're usually timed deals, like many of Microsoft's exclusives.

thisishxc2482d ago

Normally Sony is pretty good about it, especially if it's a first party title. But anything third party could eventually end up released on other platforms, even years later. There's just no way of knowing.

Major_Glitch2482d ago

I've said it once, and I'll say it again: before MS entered the video game industry the word "exclusive" actually meant "exclusive". Back then when companies like Atari, Nintendo, Sega, or Sony said a game was going to be exclusive it was because it was exclusive to their console. It didn't come out on pc, or a rival console months later. It amazes people forget this.

FrostbiteGhost2482d ago

I still can't believe people lose thier heads over this word still. It's devolved to mean no semblance of what it's supposed too.

thisishxc2482d ago

Exactly. That's pretty much what I covered in the editorial. Companies use the word without explaining it, and then some amount of the community looses their minds over it.

nick47612482d ago

It's really getting overused to a point of nausea. Everyone knows that each console has their exclusives, but exclusive DLC and exclusive outfits and exclusive cases are getting really annoying.

andibandit2482d ago

Still cant wrap my head around how ambiguous the phrase: "Exclusive Console Debut"

user56695102482d ago (Edited 2482d ago )

It funny because now if it's announced as exclusive it will get hyped up to no end even if it's average or subpar. They would forget all the bad things that company did and all to have an exclusive over another. If the exclusive go multiplat or if it wasn't an exclusive in the first and it was just announced at their conference it, then they will say its not that special or its average.

All you need to do to gain hype this Gen is say exclusive, fps, res, or the suddenly new that been out the longest particle effects. Look at any high degree article.

MasterCornholio2482d ago

Looks at picture.


I can imagine doctor evil saying this.

Dr. Evil " Tomb Raider will be exclusive on Xbox One for..."

-cue dramatic music-

" One million dollars"

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