5 Things We Can't Wait To Experience In Batman: Arkham Knight

"The eagerly anticipated Batman Arkham Knight is set to launch in 2015 and though RockSteady have been teasing us with a few gameplay recently. These are the 5 things we can't wait to experience when the dark knight makes his debut next year on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC."

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alvinmiller922481d ago

I hope Rocksteady really does a great job on this finale.
Think it will be a huge deciding factor on where the next franchise goes from here.

brettjones4942481d ago

All i know is who ever takes on this franchise after Rocksteady will have some very big shoes to fill. Batman Arkham series is the best batman franchise i ever played.

cjflora2478d ago

We've kind of seen what a Batman game w/o Rocksteady is, and it was kind of meh. While I enjoyed Origins enough, it didn't raise the stakes like Rocksteady has done with each one. I imagine anyone else doing the franchise will just use what Rocksteady has already built and release re-skinned versions from that point like the Assassin's Creed franchise has done.

charliewong9802481d ago

Batman's fear tactic take-down sounds good. Good way to string some good combos.

amyortega1312481d ago

There are so many good next gen only games coming next year. Would be good to see how this plays compared to arkham city.

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