25min phone interview with Niko Bellic, talks his experience and GTA future

Dutch journalists from Horneds Dungeon had the chance to interview Michael Hollick, the Niko Bellic from Grand Theft Auto 4, for as long as 25 minutes. We learn few things, such as:
*The next GTA being San Andreas
*How the motion captured was realized
*How he got into the GTA4 cast, his reactions and favorite moments
*On what console he is playing GTA4

Hit the jump to watch the video interview, in english of course.

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Silogon3779d ago (Edited 3779d ago )

Either Bullsnot or Rockstar has really officially run out of ideas. PAss the torch guys. Your bland, lifeless, boring games need some shelf time to reevaluate their life's.

But it's more than that, it's almost like Rockstar isn't thinking outside the box at all. Look at Gta4, it is literally 3 steps back in terms of what it offers and what you can do and 1 step forward in terms of graphics. So we're back at Gta 3 all over again.

Take the next one to Kansas City, so something decent. Something new. Something completely off the damn wall.

If I was making GTA5 this is what I'd do with it.

- I'd have 1 bigger city being the main focus of the game but have 2 other smaller cities connected to it and connected to the smaller city on the left would be a rural country area full of farms, back gravel roads, small towns with lazy cops and so forth and so on and on the right would be a nice suburban area full of new homes, cut grass and all that. This is a place you could buy a home and try to blend into society.

The big city would act as the hub of the world.

That's a little bit but it could be worked on. It could potentially be really damn good and possibly the best game in the entire series. Rockstar isn't thinking outside the box no more. that's their problem. They suck out and out and publically and love it.