Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare Visual Analysis – PS4 vs. Xbox One vs PC, PS3 vs Xbox 360

Plants Vs Zombies had taken the notion of the undead to a whole new level alongside introducing us to a new kind of strategic gameplay. Having been acclaimed by fans and critics alike, it’s second iteration was announced but it is nothing like the first game that had us enraptured. Instead of the usual strategic approach of countering hordes of zombie waves by placing the appropriate plants in each level, Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare came up with a third person tower defense-esque approach. It’s like a really colourful Battlefield minus the lens flare.

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Phish2491d ago

I just traded in my X1 version towards Madden 15 at Walmart and received $33.66 for it. Then I went to Amazon and bought the PC version for $20 (on sale this weekend). So now I have a better version for less money. Can't beat that.

GameNameFame2490d ago

If you want real and credible comparison, wait for euro gamer digital foundry.

Also, fanboys needs to move on with the fact that ps4 is more powerful and that it will always have an edge... Hardware is already finalized... Stop chasing fantasies.

Lastly, gaming bolt needs to be banned and people needs to stop clicking in their articles.

3-4-52490d ago

Game looks and plays awesome on XB1, so I'm sure it will for all versions.

MRMagoo1232490d ago

It just plays better on the ps4 with full 1080p locked 60fps and added effects for particles like smoke and explosions. It's a very fun game tho and I imagine it's just as fun on the xbone.

Benchm4rk2491d ago

"While this doesn’t present any noticeable drawbacks at first look, in comparison to the PS4, some differences in texture quality do crop up, mostly owing to the fact that the PS4 renders frames in 1080p while the X1 has to scale the GPU output up. the Xbox One is perfectly capable of handling 1080p rendering for a game of this standard and why the developers chose to go with a low resolution rendering still remains an enigma of sorts"

This game was released close to launch for the xbox one pre sdk upgrade. If it was being developed now it would have no problem hitting 1080p. Take COD ghosts as an example. Xbox One version was 720p and the game didnt even look good. Time constraints due to being a launch title and poor dev kits are to blame not the power of the Xbox One itself.

Hyper_Tension1402491d ago

Actually the xbone was suffering from frame drops even on 900p, so improving that is better than resolution.

headblackman2490d ago

you must've missed where he said earlier sdk's? 1080p for that game would've been easy with the current x1 sdk is what he was saying. you know (even if you choose to neglect the truth to make a point) that the x1 software tools were not polished at all when the system was released. they are far from final now, but it's easier now then before to hit 1080p.

jmc88882490d ago (Edited 2490d ago )

How do you know he's right? Developers would only downgrade because they had a reason to downgrade it.

PS4 can handle 1080p, so it does. But XB1 couldn't. With the new sdk..maybe, but the sdk doesn't add much power..sorry it doesn't.

Both consoles are still underpowered. You're talking an $85 graphics card versus $170. 1080p, especially 1080p/60 is going to be hard for both consoles, and almost non-existent with Xbox One, unless they sacrifice a ton, and even then it's going to be hard. Mostly small box worlds, like your UFC's, Madden's, stuff like that. Those are likely 1080p. Small and uncomplicated games (much less so then PvZ:GW).

So maybe it could hit, and maybe not. He says it SHOULD hit it, but it's actually a really good looking game with lots of effects running the Frostbite 3 engine. AKA and engine made for stuff far more powerful then an Xbox One.

The engine which could only pull off 720p for BF4. The author didn't say anything about SDK, and I think he is simply assuming that PvZ is not that demanding. It is. They've already showcased how much power is needed just for those moving things on the back of the flower requires more power than an entire Xbox 360.

This game uses alot more power then it seems.

True BF4 has more going on, but having played hundreds of hours of BF4, and probably close to that of Plants Vs. Zombies, the feel for the game and how certain things are, are very similar.

Of course the game itself is very different, but you can tell there's lots going on under the hood that's similar. The PC version of the flower looks amazing.

This game itself is amazing,it doesn't matter what platform you own, what generation you own, or if you have a PC. Get this game.

Way better then Ttitanfall. Crushes Titanfall. Best new shooter IP belongs to Plants vs. Zombies, no question about it.

Benchm4rk2490d ago


"PS4 can handle 1080p, so it does. But XB1 couldn't. With the new sdk..maybe, but the sdk doesn't add much power..sorry it doesn't"

True the new sdk doesn't add much more power but it isn't always about power. Developers have stated that the new sdk's from microsoft have better tools along with them. I was more pointing towards better optimization then just added power. Given more time it could of been better optimized for the platform. But as you stated the game uses alot more power then it seems so who knows.

ShowGun9012491d ago

come on, this game isn't demanding in ANY way...

XtraTrstrL2490d ago

I gotta get back to playing this, I still haven't touched competitive multiplayer yet. It's a great game, and the free map packs just make it that much easier to support them, cuz I know a few months down the line I'll still be able to find matches late night since the community won't be split up like in most other shooters.

TruthInsider 2490d ago

Go to Digital Foundry for proper Analysis, not these two bit jokers who don't know the difference between their arse & their elbow.