The Live 3D Community viewer launches on XLN

Xbox Live Nation has a new application ready for the community. The XLN Live 3D Community viewer gives you a new way of displaying Live information on Xbox Live Nation. It comes on two forms: Online gamers viewer and a games database viewer. The application focusses on giving you an intuitive navigation and giving you access to the online gamers in our community and to our games database.

Use your mouse to guide the 3d flow, pause if you want the data to show. Clicking on an image will focus / zoom on the image. For performance reasons the data is shown per 50. On the top right you can request the next 50.

To access the application later, use the "live portal" or the "live services" menu.

To be listed you have to be member of Xbox Live Nation.

Feel free to comment on the application on our forum

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