Don't Expect The New 3DS Outside of Japan This Year

News of a shiny new 3DS upgrade--along with a Xenoblade port—came as a pleasant surprise to many Nintendo fans this morning, but don't expect to see the New 3DS in North America or Europe this holiday.

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wonderfulmonkeyman2481d ago

Good. That means more time to save up for it instead of completely screwing over everyone in the states who just recently bought an older model.
If it were coming out in the next 4 months globally, there'd be a lot more rage.

our_games_are_art2481d ago

how are you bring screwed over. You bought a product because you felt it was valuable and worth your money at the time. Hate to tell you this but buyers remorse is a common feeling with tech gadgets. I'd just be happy with what I have boughten and for supporting a company that actually puts out a quality product such as nintendo

wonderfulmonkeyman2481d ago

Hey, try reading my post again, champ.
At no point did I say "I" would have felt screwed over.
I'm just acknowledging that there are people out there who "DO" feel that way when these things happen, stupid though it is.

Nerdmaster2481d ago

That's bad news for me. I'll travel to USA this October and I really hoped I would be able to buy it there. Time to consider that GTX 880 again.

lizard812882481d ago

That is stupid. Nintendo is going to miss the holiday season, which means they are going to lose out on sales.