Where In Time Is Carmen Sandiego? is the closest thing to a good Doctor Who game

AV Club: Over its half-century run, Doctor Who has expanded from its televised origins into novels, comic books, and audio dramas, but there hasn’t yet been a truly great Doctor Who video game. There have been a number of attempts, but every one of them has received a justified critical thrashing. Games like Doctor Who: The Adventure Games and Doctor Who: The Eternity Clock feature voice-overs from the show’s stars and scripts from its writing staff, but they fail to adapt the show’s spirit. They take a premise that offers all of time and space to its audience but refuse to trust players with actually traveling through time, and they give their intelligent and creative hero nothing better to do but hide behind rubble to avoid killer robots or solve basic brain teasers to unlock electronic doors. There is one game that accurately captures Doctor Who’s essence, but to find it we need to look beyond the official games and beyond the name Doctor Who altogether.

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