State of Decay: Year-One Survival Edition Coming to Xbox One in 2015


The State of Decay: Year-One Survival Edition will include the original State of Decay, now running in glorious 1080p, previously released Add-on packs Breakdown and Lifeline, as well as some entirely new content. Undead Labs will reveal more on the new content closer to release, and you'll read about it here when they do.

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incendy352481d ago

Very cool, awesome game.

700p2481d ago

Ya im prob gonna have to rebuy it on xbox one!

cleft52481d ago

I think exclusives like this is really the appeal to buy a console. Something you know the other platforms simply will not get. It might come to PC, but that will be a long time off. Like Dead Rising 3.

OpieWinston2481d ago

It was my favorite game last year...I'm definitely rebuying it.

Magicite2481d ago

really liked it, played on PC.

traumadisaster2481d ago

Got it for couple bucks on pc and in 4k its beautiful! Just bought expansion packs last night on steam sale for 75% off.

Dewitt2481d ago

Very excited to finally play this hopefully with online MP.

BlackTar1872481d ago

Me too.

I missed this gem so i'm excited to play it now

Alexious2481d ago

There won't be any online MP. That will be reserved for the MMO they're doing.

OpieWinston2481d ago

I would love Multiplayer.
They did say Cryengine was the main reason MP wasn't possible.

They're building their next game from the ground up with MP in mind since it's a Zombie MMO.

They said it'd take them a year to add MP.
If that's the case this game may have MP added because Lifeline launched back in June, and this game has a Spring 2015 release.

CloudRap2481d ago

Pretty good game sequel should dive into MMO territory they could have a response for H1Z1 although Im pretty sure DayZ won't be PS4 exclusive.

k3rn3ll2481d ago

Sequel is already confirmed MMO

Toiletsteak2481d ago

I got this game but i didn't play it cause they said co op was coming and then i just forgot about it lol

Crazay2481d ago

I haven't had the chance to play this yet. This is perfect. Looking forward to it.

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The story is too old to be commented.