NGamer: Alone in the Dark Wii Preview: So very ambitious. So very dark. So many buttons

NGamer writes: "Man alive, is Alone In The Dark dingy. The screens grabbed from our near-finished build are so dark that we had to download a virtual torch desktop application just to see what the hell was going on.

Ironically, it is hell going on. We're not surprised it's so hard to see: the game's set at night, in a city losing electricity, with a hero donned in enough black fabric to keep a family of four emos fed for a month.

So what if Wii can't render the nightscape as anything more than blackness smeared with gloom?

At least Hydravision are trying their best to keep up with flashy next-gen counterparts."

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Silogon3870d ago

eeewww, this game got beat down by the Gnarly Gnome on the Wii. That's probably some of the ugliest "supposed" next gen visuals I've ever seen.