2Bits: Zombies simply misunderstood members of circle of life

From the article: " Zombies get a bad rap. The majority of them just can't help their innate, ravenous urges. I'm sure if they had a choice in the manner, we'd see quite a few vegetarian, or even vegan, members of the Undead. You don't get mad at lions for chasing cute zebras, or vultures from scavenging off the zebras' carcass once the lions are done.

Quite a few video games even portray some more rational zombies. So since not all zombies are evil, we shouldn't instantly condemn or fear them. Zombies are simply a part of the circle of life, and we should accept the good along with bad. Besides, if someone isn't able to outwit/outrun a zombie, then maybe that person deserves to get eaten."

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