Will Wii Fit work? Week 3

TVGB: "This was a good week. Since I got my Wii Fitting schedule in order I was able to run almost every day and do yoga along with some strength exercise. Basically, I've whittled down the strength exercises to a few key ones and I rotate through them, eliminating the relatively useless ones like the triceps exercise and twists."

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madness3777d ago (Edited 3777d ago )

getting off those potato chips = free
online BMI calculator = free
running = free
sit ups = free
push-ups = free
scale = 10 bucks (OMG!!)
diet = money you spend on potato chips for healthy alternatives


gym membership = optional
trainer = optional

Sayai jin3776d ago

Yup, I was going to say the same thing. Eating in moderation and working out will do wonders for you. Give it a try and it does not cost anything.

tatotiburon3777d ago

i will never change my sunday soccer practice for the wiifit, there is nothing better than go out and play some soccer, the best sport in the wolrd...i'm colombian, i'm latinamerican, we love soccer more than stay in your room making yoga in the wiifit.

Don't take me wrong, wiifit es very funny and i enjoy it but it is just a game, nothing more.

Dark_Vendetta3777d ago

Tennis ftw!But Soccer is also a great sport ;).
You don't need WiiFit, just don't eat the hole junk food and move yourself a little bit

ChickeyCantor3777d ago

" i will never change my sunday soccer practice for the wiifit" And this product never said you should....
Wii-fit is not here to replace anything.

Scudd3777d ago

Love how he gets a tan and a new haircut to make him look better but he still looks like a fat bastard

tojfs79313776d ago

The tan looks fake and the haircut is hideous.

psycho3603776d ago

I hit gym 5 time a day chking out chicks as well and vice versa. Better than wii fit anytime.

Smacktard3776d ago

...Why would you go to the gym 5 times a day? That sounds kinda weird... what're the benefits?

psycho3603776d ago

LOL @ 5 times a day sorry week..I'm not that crazy

Perverted3776d ago

If that's considered fat by Americans I suddenly feel EXTREMELY OBESE...he looks about 34" waist, that ain't fat...
But he has no excuse for the dodgy facial hair and that dodgy haircut =/

He's probably pushing his belly out and then holding it in slightly at each new picture.

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