A Fanmade Fallout MMO Is Releasing September 5

Frustrated with the lack of details for Fallout 4? A fangroup is about to release a fanmade Fallout game, so you will have something to tide you over in the meantime.

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Paprika1928d ago

This actually looks quite cool. Feels like xcom mixed with fallout. If its deep and has enough strategy this could be pretty popular.

BoxOfShit1928d ago

Cant wait for fallout 4 :)

CloudRap1928d ago

As much as I want Fallout 4 I would rather Bethesda work on a new ES and Obsidian make the new Fallout instead.

700p1928d ago

Or bethesda game studios make a new game? I think they are. The elder scrolls fix is currently being made by zenimax online studios.

CloudRap1928d ago

ESO is hot garbage, but yeah I agree they should make a new IP.

BiggerBoss1928d ago

Elder Scrolls online can hardly be considered an Elder Scrolls Fix. I'm personally fine with obsidian doing Fallout 4 (I actually enjoyed New Vegas) as long as Bethesda makes the next ES game

-Foxtrot1928d ago

Why? They have a good thing going now

Elder Scrolls then Fallout

The gap ensures that the next game of each instalment will be more improved and look way better then the last one.

HardCover1928d ago

Dude obviously thinks Obsidian is better at making Fallout games.

Which they are.

-Foxtrot1928d ago

New Vegas wasn't as good as Fallout 3 so I don't know about that

Good game just not as good

BiggerBoss1928d ago

I enjoyed New Vegas more than 3, but I played NV first and 3 just seemed outdated so that's probably why

Roccetarius1928d ago

New Vegas had more nods to Fallout than 3 had, so that's probably why people liked it more as well.

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Paprika1928d ago

I enjoyed fallout 3 more than new Vegas. I feel I literally demolished my copy if fallout 3 so by the time new Vegas came I was a bit like "oh.... its a bit funnier, but I CBA now lol"

Still, new Vegas was a good game. Fallout 3 was just incredible! But you can never beat Oblivions NPCs constantly saying "be seeing you".... literally can't stop saying that after I play that game!