Capcom still has a surprise up its sleeve for Wii

Capcom has two secret projects under its rug, waiting to be presented at E3. There's a very good chance that one of the titles will be Mega Man 9, but the other is an unannounced Wii project. In the latest issue of NGamer, a terse and mysterious quote by the magazine provides insight into an upcoming Capcom title for the Wii.

"There's a bullet with our name on it if we speak of their ultra top secret Wii title (a surprising take on a next-gen favourite), so we'll stick to the safer, though still intruiging, Spyborgs."

Reident Evil? Street Figher IV? Who knows, but there's a strong possibility Capcom is cooking up something great.

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MK_Red3779d ago

WTF? They are talking as if both secret games are Wii title. Seriously, what about Dead Rising 2, Lost Planet 2, DMC5, Onimusha 5? Capcom already showed their Wii exclusive (SpyBorgs). Capcom's non RE games for Wii have been bombs, why should they release another exclusive for Wii while DR and LP sold more than 1 million on 360?

Smacktard3779d ago

Zack & Wiki did better than expected, and its sales are still gaining momentum.

Nobody expected Okami to sell lots, but Okami sales could have the same outcome as Zack & Wiki (gaining momentum, I mean).

This is why I love Capcom, though. Great new IPs, and they have faith in all of the systems. Hope they're cooking up something good!

reaferfore203779d ago

I still want dead rising 1 on my ps3. Why the hell did they port crappy planet? That game is one giant turd sandwich compared to dead rising.

Voiceofreason3779d ago

RE4 Wii edition sold better on Wii than PS2 when you figure in the 15 million Wii install base at the time versus the 75 million install base of PS2 at the time.Same thing for Okami. When you look at the Wii install base and PS2 install base, these games are having better Wii sales.

solidt123779d ago (Edited 3779d ago )

3rd party games all bomb on the Wii. If Mario is not in the game or if it doesn't consist of some silly minigames the game will not do well. People buy Wii's for Wii Sports, Zelda, Mario and Wii Fit and thats all so stop wasting time on that box and make some real next gen games.

Voiceofreason3778d ago

SolidT12.. That is a complete load of BS and NPD proves you wrong. I am sure you can post someone elses opinion on the subject but you cant provide anything to back those claims up. Half the millions sellers on Wii are 3rd party. Sadly you probably dont even care about the truth. Luckily everyone to read your post knew it was BS.

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saruwatari3779d ago

I WANT DINO CRISIS 4!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!

cockxxx3779d ago

good too see the wii getting all the games with the nintendo wii superior lineup it will continue selling twice the amount off the ps3 and xbox 360 every month;)

unbiased3779d ago

If I owned a 3rd partie company and I wanted to make some $money$. I would program games for the system that has the most units on the market.

makes sense...

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