Batman may have more than the Batmobile

Social marketing manager at Rocksteady Games, Gaz Deaves refused to comment on whether or not there would be vehicles other than the Batmobile in upcoming Arkham Knight game.

“The only vehicle we’re talking about right now is the Batmobile.”

Batman has returned to Rocksteady after Warner Bros. Montreal studio developed the last title in the series, Arkham Origins.

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FarEastOrient2481d ago

Batwing!?! I was already sold when the tank form showed up.

badz1492481d ago

seriously, what is this guy talking about?

"Batman MAY have more than the Batmobile?"

WTF? Batman has like EVERYTHING! I know they are talking about the game but stripping Batman from all the gadgets are like saying the man can win in a fair fight, which he can't!

zsquaresoff2481d ago

All the extra accessories are nice but don't want an overpowered batman against underwhelming villans.

chrissx2481d ago

Hopefully the batbike and batplane is involved

CyrusLemont2481d ago

It would be nice if every character you can play as has their own unique vehicle.

Also announce the freaking collector's edition and release date already!