Amiibo packaging revealed, pre-orders live

Pre-orders for the Amiibo figures are now starting to go live.

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MSBAUSTX2481d ago

I am getting more and more interested in to how these will be used. If it is some kind of avatar than can retain experience and attributes from game to game, it would be amazing. I just can't seem to find anything that goes in complete depth as to how these will be used in their entirety

randomass1712481d ago

I have a feeling it will basically be like how they are in Smash. They are AI characters that you can make stronger and pit against other Amiibo characters. I just wish a single figure could be used for more than one game. :(

DryBoneKoopa852481d ago

Their still a bit of a mystery at the moment. Nintendo did say they will be sharing more news on Amiibo real soon. My guess is we have a Nintendo Direct coming up soon to talk all about them.

One thing I find interesting is Nintendo announced DLC for Mario Kart 8 in November along with Smash coming out sometime in November as well. We get the date of any of these three things we will know when everything will fall into place.

BullyMangler2481d ago

sony and microsoft are bad ass too.

Apex132481d ago (Edited 2481d ago )

With all the downers people have had on Nintendo, I can see from this they will own Christmas like Santa and the Coke a cola ads.

They will likely finish strong, and before you give a thumb down fanboys, realise that x-mas is about toys and kids.

They are the Disney of gaming but they need to realise this and capitalise more by using their characters for other stuff.

DryBoneKoopa852481d ago

One thing I would love to see is Nintendo get into movies. Not live action movies but animated movies.

I went and saw Wreck it Ralph just so I could see all the cool gaming Characters like Bowser and Sonic in the movie lol.

Apex132481d ago

I totally agree.

Even when they showed the anime intros for some of the SMB characters my jaw dropped.

If only, they would be huge.

Reeze2481d ago

Real-world Nintendo Land, anyone?

RiPPn2481d ago

I'll be avoiding this blatant cash grab.

Apex132481d ago

So what about when Sony re-done the psp over and over and it was just the size that changed, or when both Sony and MS released about 10 versions of their last consoles? was that not a blatant cash grab?

Oh well, cant please them all.

I wont be buying it but not because it's a cash grab

Megaplaynate2481d ago (Edited 2481d ago )

How can you compare a console redesign to an add on?
A new version of everything is expected, even the Wii got one. It was not a cash grab, if you already had the consoles you didn't have to buy the new one.
And yes, some people might see this as a cash grab, probably cause we don't know much about it.

randomass1712481d ago

I dunno, for the level of detail the price doesn't seem too steep to me even without the NFC features.

christheredhead2481d ago

Pre ordered the whole set. Even if these had no functional features, I would probably still buy them. I like them from a collectors stand point. Definitely look cool.

--Onilink--2481d ago (Edited 2481d ago )

even as simple figurines, the price is not bad, add in whatever electronic chip they have inside, and $13 sounds fair. I would have still preferred a more competitive $9.99 each.

But its not the end of the world, i might not pick up all of them but probably 3 or 4 at launch

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