MGS4 Review Score Discrepancies?

Has anyone noticed that the review scores for MGS4 can go as low as a flat 8 and as high as a perfect 10? There was more of a consensus for GTAIV, but the question is: what is the reason behind this discrepancy? There must be more interpretation involved...

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CViper3777d ago

The majority of reviewers call the game amazing gameplay, amazing visuals, amazing innovative game elements...

The people that dont like the MGS series\games said:

Theres no innovation
the cut scenes are too long
They dont like the game
The visuals are amazing.

In the wake of more than 20 10/10's given out for this game, the minority Eurogamer and Edge reviews just highlight the unfortunate truth that some sites are just plain biased against the PS3, but its what everyone has said in the past. 1up and Gamespot even came around for this title, which they never do.

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Theirs is just nonsense. They are written poorly, and just trash the game. Thats why sites like IGN & Gamespot that rank in the top 100 visited sites in the world have scored this one 10/10. More people will see that, than will see any of the 4 80's from the group that complain about cut scenes and installs, and more than likely weren't that good at the game. The rest of the world doesn't seem to care.

jamilion3777d ago

those idiots are even bigger idiots cause i havent seen a single review AFTER the game has been released award mgs4 anything LESS than a TEN!

Gamingisfornerds3777d ago (Edited 3777d ago )

Have you seen some of the scores they've given to 360 games?

So tell me, who exactly are they then favouring over the PS3 and 360?

I'm getting a little tired of this bias bullsh*t, you fanboys are seriously pathetic. Everyday I read news on this site it get's more and more pathetic. Unbelievable.

The scores on average for MGS4 are amazing so far, so seriously...chill out.


mass effect: Eurogamer: 8 Edge: 7 average gamerankings: 9,1
NG2: Eurogamer: 7 Edge: ? average gamerankings: 8,2
Gears of War: Eurogamer: 8 Edge: 8 average gamerankings: 9,4
bioshock: Eurogamer: 10 Egde: 8 average gamerankings: 9,5

mikeslemonade3777d ago

The individuals who gave MGS4 lower than a 9 are straight up peasants who can't appreciate a complex story in a game like I can.

Boldy3777d ago (Edited 3777d ago )

"Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Theirs is just nonsense. They are written poorly, and just trash the game. Thats why sites like IGN & Gamespot that rank in the top 100 visited sites in the world have scored this one 10/10."

Ok, it might just be me but wasn't Gamespot thee most hated website amongst the PS3 owners because of their "biasness," and now they give MGS4 a 10/10 and now all of a sudden all sins are forgiven, Gamespot is now credible. *scratches head*

znu3777d ago

no boldy, it's not just you ;)

i stopped going there after the ratchet and clank review
i realized how sh*tty they are, they gave a platformer to a guy who plays only sports games, and then he complained about the advantages of the game

then the kane and lynch fiasco...

they lost all respect from me

fishd3777d ago


Boldy3777d ago

Ok good, cuz CViper had me a little confused. One month hated and then the next loved? A little strange if you ask me.

pumpkinpunker3777d ago (Edited 3777d ago )

congrats PS3 owners.

However, PS3 fanaticism for this game just shows how starved the PS3 owners were for a great exclusive game. Most act like the game is flawless which is sort of creepy in light of the flaws that have been pointed out by reviews. I mean, I can list flaws on my favorite games of all time. here is a list of a few of my favorites:

*some spoilers but if you haven't played these games already then don't call yourself a gamer*

Half-life - the end boss is meh. all that great exposition and you fight this giant baby-looking thing floating in air. some of the physics puzzles are weak and clumsy. the planet xen is sometimes great, sometimes not-so-great.

Half-life 2 - yet again, unimpressed by the end boss. driving control could have been better for the vehicles. enemies are recycled too much. You can get sick to death of killing the same aliens/combine/striders sometimes. still, my favorite of all time, though!

COD4 - unlimited respawn for the enemies in some parts and not others is so last-gen. at some points you don't know whether to clear the area or just run because the enemies will keep respawning. It's just trial and error which leads to immersion problems and frustration.

Bioshock - running around collecting ammo too much. also, the difference in difficulty level from normal to easy is too large. my roommate loved this game until he hit one frustrating point that bothered him so much he outright refuses to play it again... ever.

Portal - too short. they should have made this a full-length game and sold it seperate from the orange box but I guess valve wasn't willing to take the gamble. it would have been awesome if it was epic in length and scenery like half-life 2. now, they're sort of setting themselves up for fail in portal 2 if they don't add fps elements.

baum3777d ago (Edited 3777d ago )

When Eurogamer and Edge give 10 to halo 3, and they give 8 to MGS4 and all the games you just mentioned are rated below halo 3 in their book, then they might not be biased, just stupid or complete sellouts.


You would think they are fans of that kind of game, but Edge gave resistance a 7 out of 10, and Eurogamer a 6 out of 10. So how do you justify the 30 to 40% discrepancy? Forge? Because in terms of specs, its 640p versus 720p, The storyline in Halo is the definition of generic, and it's also too short. Explain that. Is it still Stupidity? Sellouts? Or biased towards brands? Who knows, but all three things point at one thing: Credibility is non-existent.

Gamingisfornerds3777d ago (Edited 3777d ago )

The last two comments here on N4G have cost me 2 bubbles. Just shows what kind of trash visits this site. Well constructed posts with a healthy perspective obviously aren't very popular here!

Oh well, nothing worth crying over...although! ;P

Edit @ baum: Yes, that is the more likely scenario indeed (the "stupid" thing that is, I don't believe in the "sellout" myths myself). ;)

CrazzyMan3777d ago (Edited 3777d ago )

8 - GOOD game, i REPEAT GOOD.
8-9 - a game between GOOD and GREAT.
9 - GREAT game.
9-10 - a game between GREAT and MASTERPIECE.

You COMPLAINING, that at WORST case MGS4 is a GOOD game? =)))
Come on people ENJOY the game, FORGET the scores, GR and Mc SCORES matter only to FANBOYS.

pumpkinpunker3777d ago (Edited 3777d ago )

If you don't like it fine, but don't act like there is some conspiracy at hand. Halo's multiplayer owns everything except maybe COD4. COD4 is the first console game to be Halo's equal or maybe better depending on preference in multiplayer.

baum3777d ago

"1.12 - halo is a AAA great game series
If you don't like it fine, but don't act like there is some conspiracy at hand. Halo's multiplayer owns everything except maybe COD4. COD4 is the first console game to be Halo's equal or maybe better depending on preference in multiplayer."

It doesn't have to be a conspiracy, as in they don't have to be biased or sellouts. They just have to be stupid. It's not that I don't like Halo, it's that a lot of people think it's just like Haze. You even said it yourself that Halo 3 is a multiplayer game, as everything else in the game is weak, from the graphics, to the story, to the campaign to the length. COD4 has a very similar score to Halo 3, yet COD4 rapes it in every aspect. So how do you explain that?

Just explain, why is it that Edge and Eurogamer gave 10 to halo 3 and 7 and 6, respectively, to Resistance? Don't be a fanboy, you have to admit that is complete bullsh1t. The games are not really that different, except the storyline in Resistance is original (it's not WW2, and not in the future, like most FPS), the guns are made by Ratchet and Clank developers, which frankly means a lot, if you played resistance.

I never said conspiracy, people should make their own conclusions, and I just present the facts, and the fact is that Edge and Eurogamer have had HUGE discrepancies with tons of games, especially when compared to Halo, when Halo is, as you said, a multiplayer game (why didn't Bungie just release that in 2006 over XBLA? That would have been cheaper and faster).

Megaton3777d ago (Edited 3777d ago )

After playing through the entire game, I seriously don't understand how anyone could give it less than a 9 (I'd say 10, but I'm sure you could dock a point if you tried). Maybe it's because it's still fresh in my mind, but this game is above and beyond anything I've ever played in the last 20 years I've been gaming. I agree with IGN in saying this was the perfect send-off for the most legendary of heroes, and I agree with GamePro when they say we probably won't see another title of this caliber for years.

Not innovative?
It's the first game I've ever played that got me emotionally engaged during actual gameplay, not just CGI or in-game cut scenes (microwave hallway anyone?). They broke down that wall in a beautiful way.

Cut scenes are too long?
The game wraps up the most complex story in gaming history, spanning over 20 years. You think you're going to crank it all out in a couple ten minute scenes? They're all worth watching and done beautifully to boot.

Story is confusing?
Seems like this is more of an issue with the reviewer in question. The old pros saw this for what it is, and some of the newer sites rated the story low. I think it has less to do with bias and more to do with casuals growing within the gaming journalism industry. If you can't appreciate a story as in depth and dramatic as this, I really question your ability to review games professionally.

Install times suck?
Take a leak, get a drink, a bite to eat, and grab your phone in case someone calls while you're playing. By the time you make it back to the couch, the game will be ready. This is such a non issue, and I find it absurd that it gets as much coverage as it does.

lessthanmarcus3777d ago

GameDaily already said in a previous article that their staff prefers Xbox 360. They gave MGS4 an 8

Seraphim3777d ago

I think for the most part it's that they don't like the game. I've never liked MGS much. Not my style of game but I still have bought MGS2, MGS2 Sub, MGS 3 Sub, and now MGS4 w/ only really playing about half of MGS2. However even in disliking it I can still give it credit for which it's due. I can look outside the box of my personal taste to give credit to any game that deserves it. And I think the problem w/ reviews is often the reviewer forgets that they should be reviewing the game for what it is, not what they like. Sometimes when asked to review a game they need to look outside the box when scoring it while sticking to the cold hard facts when actually writing the review. Obviously they shouldn't have someone reviewing it who doesn't care for the genre, gameplay, or game itself but the fact of the matter is that sometimes they do. Based on my own opinion I'd give MGS a lower score than it deserves. Probably an 8 on the older ones simply because I'm not a fan of stealth games and because because the shooting mechanics aren't to my liking. But knowing and seeing it's a fantastic game despite my dislikes about, and despite that I don't care much for the game, I have no problem placing the appropriate score and/or review for any MGS game...

I guess the fact of the matter is always that reviews are someones personal opinion. Really no better than any one of your piers. I think gaming journalists need to look outside the box on occasion to give credit where it's do. They shouldn't be writing a personal opinion on a game. They should be writing an educated review based on what the game is and not about what they dislike about it. No developer is making games for you or what you like. Write a review for the people. And on another note I think they should do away w/ scores. Let the review speak for itself. Because w/ a lackluster score often the review praises the game. Or like with Haze, so many reviews said such an Average game yet the scores didn't nearly reflect average... I don't know. Reviews are so pointless and meaningless to me. I just don't get how people can actually base their decision to buy a game off them in the first place. And the entire industry, for the most part, is broken...

Nathaniel_Drake3776d ago

I'm not saying other mags, or sites are bias, but you have to be a little critical of a site that gives Halo 3's story a 9.5, and gives MGS4 a 8.7, now come on now, even I think there is something there that doesn't quite fit

Nathaniel_Drake3776d ago

I would've agree with you there, but the presence of the confound of Gamespot losing most of it staff, and saying that they are trying to get back the respect and then the MGS4 review coming out after for this new generation of Gamespot, kinda makes the whole "You are being contradictory, now that Gamespot gave MGS4 an awesome review" a bit suspect

Bubble Buddy3776d ago

I don't really care, if Gamespot gave it a 10, it must be worth at least 15/10. I would've known by now if i didn't have bloody exams next week >.>.

godofthunder103776d ago

i'll agree with some articles i've far all i hear are a bunch of ps3 fanboys that's p*ssed off because mgs4 didn't get a 10 out of 10 from every one.maybe that should stop being bias and realize that not every one like a game with 1 1/2 hrs of cut scenes.

ps3 fanboys are b***hing because mgs4 didn't get a 10 out of 10 from every one and calling them bias and the people that gave mgs4 a 10 out of 10 fair.well the same people that called the same company fair for their review of mgs4,called the same people bias on their review when they gave halo 3 a 10 out of 10.the reason they changed their minds about them is because because mgs4 is a ps3 exclusive and halo 3 is a 360 exclusive.well where i grew up at they call people like this hypercrits.

ps3 fanboys think that mgs4 is the greatest game every made and it's far from it,they have a lot of games better then mgs4 and halo 3.if the same game was on the 360 they would be saying that it's over rated and the cut scenes are to long and if halo 3 was on the ps3 they would be saying how awsom it is.the same people that said they didn't like long cut scenes before are now saying that it's a good thing,is it just me or is this the first time in the history of video games that people were happy with a game with cut scenes that was over 30 min long. i'm not a big halo 3 fan but it's a good game and ps3 fansboys are just saying it sux because it's on the 360,if it was on the ps3 they wouldn't stop praising it.

from what i've been reading here,ps3 fanboys(not ps3 fans)are just acting childish just because every one in the world want say that mgs4 is the greatest game in the world.the truth is that the mgs series isn't any better then the halo series,i'm not saying that it's not equal because i'm not.what i'm saying is just because mgs4 is a ps3 exclusive and a big title that's on the ps3 doesn't mean that it deserve a 10 out of 10.

what gets me about ps3 fanboys is how they keep talking about halo and trying to say that it doesen't deserve more then a 7 out of 10 but want everyone to say that mgs4 deserve a 10 out of and it's not one damn bit better.

if halo 3 is so bad ,then why did it break sales reacords. the biggest selling game in history on release is gta4 and behind it is halo3 but gta4 was on 2 systems and halo3 was on 1 and gta4 only made a little more then 2 million then halo 3.there isn't a game that was released on the ps,ps2,and all of the nintendo systems that ever had an exclusive game that sold more then these 2 on the release and they all had more people owning their system and yes they had other mgs games released on the ps i like to know how the ps3 fanboys think halo sux so bad,well the fact is because it's not on the ps3.the same thing happened with oblivian,when oblivian was first released on the 360 and was suppose to be an exclusive,i read 1 article where a ps3 fanboy was saying that he doesn't have a 360,he has a ps3 but he played oblivian on his cousin 360 and he said that it suxed and it was over rated and people are wasting their money when they buy it but when it was released on the ps3 the same guy said the exact opposite.the same guy said that oblivian was a great game and he couldn't give it enough praise and then he went on to say that every one that has a ps3 should buy it because it's a great game.

i'm not a big mgs fan as a matter of fact it has one of the most ridiculious story line of any game but that's my opinion.if kill zone 2 will be like they claimed then it will be a lot better then mgs4,from what i could see so far and it's like they claimed it should win game of the year when it comes out.

the truth is that ps3 fanboys all belive that every big title on the ps3 deserve a 10 out of 10 and every game on the 360 deserve no more then a 6 or 7 out of 10 and it's vice versa with 360 fanboys.

ps3 and 360 fanboys will never say that they like an exclusive game on the other system but in reality they do.they have fanboys from both sides that wish that they had at least 2 exclusives that's on the other system was on the one they had but want say it because they are childish.i wish that kill zone 2 would be on the 360 to because like i said above i think that it will be a bad a## game and i'm not afraid to admit it because it's the truth.just because i don't have a ps3 doesn't mean that i'm going to say that every game on it sux because it's not true but just like the 360,the ps3 have good games and bad games.

fanboys from both sides act like if an exclusive game from the console is rumored to go to the other system they start saying it's a lie and acting like it will hurt them if it does.the truth is that it want do them a damn thing,the only thing that will happen is that every one will beable to play all the good games,hell i wish that they wouldn't have exclusives at all.

i'm tired of hearing how sony or microsoft is better then the other.the truth is that that one isn't any better then the other.both companies are out to make as much money as they can and doesn't give a sh#t about us,they will lie their a**es off to get us to buy their products and they both had already lied to us before.i'm always reading articles from ps3 fanboys on how good sony is treating them and they will never do what microsoft done.the truth is that sony did worse to us then microsft refused to admit that the ps2 had a defected drive in it,they kept saying nothing was wrong with them when people kept complaining that it kept saying can't read disc and they had to keep ejecting it over and over to get it to was sued then they finally admitted that the ps2 had a bad drive and they knew it all along but didn't want to pay to fix them and this is a is just like microsoft to because they buy exclusives just klike micr does,maybe not with cash up front but in other ways.

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niall773777d ago

I wouldnt look to deep at it.

wallace10003777d ago

Well said, people are reading to much into this. The fact of the matter is that the world is full of individuals with different opinions. That is why the game is getting slightly different reviews.

Breakfast3777d ago

Yes. Enough with the freakn conspiracies.

ukilnme3777d ago

Yep yep. Bubbles for all of you.

cmrbe3777d ago

but the article is questioning why then GTA4 is the exception.

znu3777d ago

think of it this way

everyone's mind is developed different because of their actions in life

if they give mgs4 to a guy who has never played any mgs before and reviews mostly 360 games, and a completly different genre

he would complain about the cut scenes being too long, story too complicated, controls feel weird and the games aiming system sucks.

That isn't a fair review even though everyone has their own opinion a person with no experience reviewing that type of game shouldn't or he will give a useless review.

I'm loving mgs4 although i have exams right now :( and can't play much

im on the third chapter and have to say the game IS THE BEST

The compelling story that ties up everything that happens in mgs and creates the result of what we have played

the different styles of gaming, choose to go head on or play it in stealth

Many different weapons, variety and many different refreshing things to do.

The game is perfection in my eyes. I have played all previous MGS games (not metal gear but i know what generally happens), i own a ps3 and am used to the controls.

cmrbe3777d ago

Its more about the game than the people reviewing it. GTA appeals more to a bigger audience and such would get a better reception from most reviewers unlike MGS4 which is not everyone cup of tea.

The question then arise. Should Game Mags let a non fan be review a game that is not their cup of tea or a fan should review it and risk putting out ten ratings frequently?.

I would say a objective fan should review it.

RememberThe3573776d ago

I doesn't matter if your a fan of not. What matters is if you know how to play the genera or not. Why would you make someone who reviews fighting and sports game review a tactical shooter? You wouldn't
because he would know what the f*ck he was doing. How could someone who plays a fighting game all day suddenly play the totally engrossing, dramatic and uberly awesome game that is MGS4 (you can
probably tell I like this game)? It's not a good fit because a person who is really into fighters probably isn't into stealth action. I'm not saying this is always the case, but from a reviewing standpoint it should be. Take the GamrInformer review, the reviewer was Joe. What were Joe's expertise? RPGs, Adventure, Action, Strategy, Puzzle. Good fit don't you think?

Playing through this game I couldn't find one thing that I would change. That has never happened to me before, I can usually pick something, anything. But with this game I've been completely captured by it. I didn't play any of the MGS game before, but I watched all the retrospectives and tried to get what was going on in the Metal Gear universe. Didn't remember a lot of it. But even not knowing who exactly a person was, the cut seines were so well done I found myself following everything. The drama that Kojima presents is top notch. And hey if you don't like the cut seines, skip'um.

Bottom line: Great game for the thinker and the intellectuals, not so much for the boneheads.

ZeroXMD3776d ago

Perfect. The last line was just perfect and my sentiments exactly. If you think Halo has a good storyline, don't bother comprehending MGS's story. It is beyond your intellect.

But really, if you are used to the story being "kill these guys and save the world", you probably won't comprehend MGS's story. Go back to playing the xbox multiplayer game, that magically got a 10 while people are actually giving this less than that.

Seriously, i'm **cking sick and tired of seeing "Wah, wah, I cant figger out what the people are talking about. I don't know what's going on. Just give me random aliens to shoot. Wah wah wah WAHHH!"
That is literally all I see with some people.

Say all you want guys, this is the first time i've seen the story being a negative in reviews because it's too complex or because ppl don't know what happened previously. It was easy for ppl to brush aside Halo's craptacular story and not knowing what the heck is going on at the beginning (everybody who played halo 3 owned an xbox and halo 1 and 2 because that is what happens when a console is carried by a game)

You can say all you want for me bringing up halo, but when an awesome complex game gets less scores than a shallow multiplayer game, I get pissed.

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Pornlord3777d ago

Well, if you played the former, then you'll LOVE this one. If you didn't, I could see how you would feel lost and a bit confused AT TIMES, but really it could be a standalone title. Why you would let someone review the game that has NEVER played the others, or didn't like the others is beyone me.

Ju3777d ago

BS. I have never played it before but this game simply is a masterpiece. I am playing games since '83 or so (you know, 20th century).

Somebody who thinks he/she qualifies to be a journalist and publish an "objective" (?) opinion can appreciate the quality of this game. You don't need to be a fan of MGS. It simply is a milestone. Especially given the history with lightly given 10s in the past. MGS is not the title to start to compensate for this.

Prismo_Fillusion3776d ago

This is the first Metal Gear Solid game I've ever played. I have almost no idea what's going on in the plot.

...But it doesn't even matter. The cut-scenes still glass-over my eyes. The action and stealth still pull me in. To be honest, I've never played a game that seemingly required so much thought to develop.

I do wish I understood more about the storyline though! Ah well. But it's not the game's fault that I haven't owned a Sony system before.

TheXgamerLive3777d ago (Edited 3777d ago )

The way that Hideo has made this game has alienated many gamers from enjoying the game. When you go to extremes like this just to please yourself and a very small percentage of gamers, there's going to be a negative responce to an extent.

Is the game good or even great, probably but when you end up setting your game pad down so much as in this case it it takes away from the experience.

Many will disagree b/c tghere trying to protect there precious game, but it's all true and many of you feel it yourself, even though you won't admit to it. I know you do see how this is possible.

The story has "NOTHING" to do w a score of 8. That statement is rediculous, it's the many many many cut scenes that run upwards of over 90 minutes straight in atleast 2 occassions and 30 and 45 minutes on several more and trying to make you apart of it by pushing "X" doesn't cut it. This is why the online will do so much better, no video to wait through.

When you can actually go out to dinner and come back and a cut scene is still playing, well that's no longer a cut scene it's a damned idiotic movie, and atleast 2 movies are on the DVD.

HOWEVER, having said all of this, let me say that you don't have to listen to reviews or worry about them for that matter. If your a Metal Gear fan then buy and play the game, no big deal, enjoy.

TheMART3777d ago

Agreed. And a Sony fan in the Gamer Zone also explained it good:

"Pornlord - 10 minutes ago

Well, if you played the former, then you'll LOVE this one. If you didn't, I could see how you would feel lost and a bit confused AT TIMES, but really it could be a standalone title. Why you would let someone review the game that has NEVER played the others, or didn't like the others is beyone me."

It's a game for the fans. That's why it'll not move many hardware to new buyers. It'll move copies and stuff to the fans.

Well review the game by someone that never played the others is a good thing. There are also buyers that never played the other games.

-Maverick-3777d ago

HAHAHAHAHAH I', not even going to read what you jealous clowns have to spout...crap as usual... but MGS4 is a hit.... given 10's from IGN, Gamespot, Game Informer, Gamepro,Games TM and about 5 others.

It has been declared one of the best games of all time by Game Informer, Ign and Gamespot with Gamepro saying it might be DECADES before the game is surpassed.

Jealous 360 fanboys. MGS4 is better than ANY GAME on the Xbox 360. PERIOD. It is another FF VII or Ocarina of Time.

I'm sorry but MGS4 finished the Fight. It is one of the greatest games of all time.

And it sold somewhere around 1.5 million copies on DAY ONE and PS3 saw a 180% increase in sales.

Move along jealous fools. MGS4 set the new bar for ANY action title, PERIOD. The game is just incredible. Don't worry and stay all'll be able to play it when you get your PS3 in not too long... just like the other 90 million people that will still be buying a PS3 in its lifetime.


Jamie Foxx3777d ago (Edited 3777d ago )

i hope to see you on here when the hardware sales are released

walmart alone sold all their bundles ,amazon sold all its bundles so quick the site crashed,bundles soldout in europe right now your avatar is pissing in the wind

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi3777d ago

I think the -
'Console Monster gives MGS 4: Guns of the Patriots 100%'
Article has been the last straw for the poor xBot Lemmings!!! ;-D

It's like WATCHING PAINT DRY reading that!!! ;-D

Veryangryxbot3777d ago

Face it bots.

Yes, there is a discrepancy:

There are more 95s and 100s than 8s! Thats the discrepancy!

I can only say this: xbots rating MGS4 an 8 trying to bring the game down just like how they did with the ridiculous "install times BS argument" or the "have fun watching the game" argument.

MGS4 > all 360 games combined.

Gun_Senshi3777d ago


A wall of text full of jealousy.


ape0073777d ago

don't stick to one brand and try to defend it
a true gamer is the gamer who chases all the exellent games no matter what brand it belongs to
mgs4 is the one of the best games ever created(don't miss it)
if you are a true gamer then get this
it's games,it's for fun,it's not religion
360 is just a piece of hardware that have exclusivs and so is ps3 and wii

wake up from this endless nightmare(and to anyone who sticks with one brand while he has the money to buy another)

this is gaming,it's for everyone(my mind doesn't understand fanboyism)

play byeond and jump in

juuken3777d ago (Edited 3777d ago )

Don't even get me started.

You haven't played the game yet first of all so how can you sit down there like the ignorant jackass that you are and claim this game is more like a movie? I HAVE played some of this game and I can tell you it blew me away the minute I finished installing it. The bombs, explosions, people getting felt like real life. Kojima is probably THE BEST developer of all time. Don't come here with your bullsh*t. You can't accept the fact that the PS3 deserves a AAA title, can ya?

Both you and Mart sicken me.

You two deserve each other.

Damage control is very bad for your health.

Laexerias3777d ago

The first time the mart has wrote something with more sense then ever.. but sad that nobody besides me read it, poor mart. rly, i feel sad for u right now.

JackBauerIsHIGH3777d ago

I haven't seen one 90min cutscene throughout what I have played. I think you are mistaken.

DontH8DPlayaH8DConsl3777d ago

two 90 min cut scenes either I haven't gotten there yet or it's so good I haven't noticed OR you haven't played the game and are just going off here'say either way its a great game that alienates just as many people as if I played gears of war 2,3,or4 without having played the one or ones before it.

Mr Fancy Pants3777d ago (Edited 3777d ago )

jaja! All of you should play the game before talk. Know why? I been playing MGS4 all day and i surely can say that this is the most intense experience i have had with a game this gen.

And we all know the mart and other xbots are just trying to find bad things to say about every ps3 game. In every Resistance2 or MGS4 articles you can see the mart talking s#!t...

MGS4 is now by default one of the best games i have ever played in my life. MGS4 is a masterpiece and no one can change that.

IGN, Gamepro, Gamespot, GameInformer scored MGS4 with a 10 out of 10!

Tmac3776d ago

Xgamer, you're a retard.

Montrealien3776d ago

MGS has never been a game for everyone.


Fanbots seem to think that if you don't think the game is perfect you are either retarded or jealous. That kind of reasoning can only come from a tween fanbot, that is all.


I love this game and myself I give it a 10/10. But I know it is not for everyone.

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Obama3777d ago

The average is still 9.5, so I don't know what you puto bots are rambling about. I would go as far as to say gta was overated while mgs4 was underated.