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GR: While the developers at Monolith Studios were quick to shy away from direct comparisons between their new Lord of the Rings game and those particular experiences that have put players into the cape and cowl of Batman or the hooded robes of an assassin, Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor seems to take the best elements of those games to offer as open-ended an adventure as possible. Certainly the game’s narrative will provide the details players need to satisfy desire for new and undiscovered lore, but a pre-PAX Prime 2014 hands-on opportunity made this version of Tolkien’s universe feel more like an open-world combat-sandbox than anything the license has seen yet.

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CowbopBeboy2481d ago

I'm excited for this. Can't wait to see how Monolith explore the LOTR lore.

700p2481d ago

Its gonna be amazing!

Wedge192481d ago

Seems like a win to me!

dmeador2481d ago

I just hope the combat is fun. Some videos I've seen make it seem a little floaty

combatcash2481d ago

Looks pretty good. I might pick it up.

daBUSHwhaka2481d ago

Not long now.Feels like decades since I last played a decent rings game.

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