15 Greatest Late-Generation PlayStation 2 Games

Can you remember what your PS2's final spin was?

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scark922481d ago

No Shadow of the Colossus?

wscarborough142481d ago

Bully deserves to be on here. It did have its flaws but over-all it was an immensely fun 3rd person action game, with a story that was awesome.

BiggerBoss2481d ago

Bully was FREAKING AWESOME. I loved that game. Come on Rockstar, give us a sequel;)

ArtificiallyYours2480d ago

It was an example of friendlier sandbox portions.

A perfect "childhood" simulator.

SonyStyled2480d ago

bully is one of my favorite games of all time. titled bully but was actually about anti bullying. well... bullying the actual bullies themselves and standing up to those who were lower on the totem pole and got bullied by bullies while in an open world with a unbeatable story

barb_wire2481d ago

Bah, another 15 page click-fest. Pass!

Wouldn't be so bad, if they had the option of viewing it as 1 page.

Transporter472480d ago

No but that would equal less clicks

NukaCola2480d ago

I can't stand this website.

DallasTrout2481d ago (Edited 2481d ago )

"A network adapter that nobody bought..."

I remember tons of people buying that adapter. What about SOCOM and Ratchet and Clank 3 multiplayer?

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