Wii Still Want to Play With U

The Nintendo Wii was the top selling console when pitted against its more powerful brethren the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 around its release eight years ago. When it comes to its successor the Wii U though, oh how the tables have turned… The Wii U is still playing catch-up (to put it nicely) to the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. It’s not everyone’s favorite gaming console and it may not have the best AAA titles, but it is still a Nintendo!

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Rimgal2481d ago

"But is it worth owning a Wii U? If you want a change from your first-person shooters and sports franchises,"

That is such a misleading stereotype. I own a PS4 and I hate FPS, not saying that they are bad, only saying that FPS are not for me.

That's like saying that Nintendo owners only play platformers.

MSBAUSTX2481d ago

Well put man. It definitely shows the general ignorance of the gaming community when it comes to what a "hardcore" gamer actually is. FPS games are the most linear and relatively easy games on the market. Try getting all the secrets and extras done in Super Mario World 3D. I guarantee you that only "hardcore" gamers have the skills and the patience to do so. Not saying that FPS and sports games can not be hard or in depth. I play some of them. However, to only think that people who play them are true gamers is ignorant and obviously shows how shallow some gamers can be.

SteamPowered2481d ago

Easy now, Im sure they didnt mean to slight you and your PS4. Nintendo does the platformer better than anyone. I think thats what they were referring to. A large part of the PS4 community plays FPS, whereas there really isnt much for solid FPS on Nintendo, so they excel at other genres.

MSBAUSTX2481d ago

"The Wii U is still playing catch-up (to put it nicely) to the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One."

The ONLY console the Wii U is playing catch up to is the PS4. There is about 2 million more Wii Us sold than the XB1. ALL sales charts show this and the latest weekly charts show that the Wii U sold almost 3:1 versus the XB1. This article may be talking up Nintendo in a way, but they need to get their facts straight about the success of the Wii U before it tries to climb on a soap box.

PlayableGamez2481d ago (Edited 2481d ago )

WiiU 54,254 (-18%)
XOne 53,207 (+11%)
Does that look like a 3:1 ratio?
No it doesn't. Please provide facts, before making outrageous claims.

level 3602481d ago

Price needs to go down very low, significantly lower than the competition.

Roughly 300+ bucks for a *32GB bundle is still too much.. around the 200 dollar mark would just be about right.

swice2481d ago

I paid $500 for the Wind Waker HD bundle, a Pro Controller, Mario 3D World, and Rayman Legends. Plus $20 for an external hard drive enclosure for a spare 500GB drive I had laying around.

So, for the same price of an Xbox One with no games or a PS4 with 1 or 2 extra things, I got:

the Wii U with Zelda artwork on my gamepad,

3 games,

a Pro Controller, plus the ability to use my old Wii controllers, giving me more than 4 controllers,

Built in backwards-compatibility

A shitload of free games from Club Nintendo and the Digital Deluxe Promotion. Seriously, i have over $200 in free games and over $100 back from the promotion.

Nintendo franchises in HD

Free online play

So yeah, I think $300 is awesome.

Paprika2481d ago

Nintendo are just epic in my book. They obviously are not able to appeal to the fps crowd, or bring GTA or the big multi plats over. But what you will get is the most unique exclusives on the market.

All we need, is some new ip's from them, something as huge as Zelda or Mario that's new. Oh, and a pokemon mmorpg and a wave of new jrpg classics like the new had.

jholden32492480d ago

I own all three consoles and have a unique perspective because I actually know what I'm talking about when it comes to each system.

I hate it when people say console A isn't worth buying because it doesn't have game X,Y and Z.

You wouldn't not buy a PS4 just because it doesn't play Nintendo games, or Monster Hunter, or Bayonetta, or Devils Third. You buy it for what it has, you don't avoid it for what it doesn't have.

Likewise you wouldn't not buy a Wii U because it doesn't have AAA, or Uncharted, or God of War. You buy it for what it has, not avoid it for what it doesn't have.

And the Wii U HAS some of the most amazing, timeless masterpieces of modern gaming that's ever been brought to market. You may only see one game for every five games on other consoles, but when every game is GotY quality, and makes you feel like you have a new favorite game of all time, who the heck cares!

I just hear so many people say they're not interested in a Nintendo console because it doesn't have AAA. And it's like, "no, it doesn't, but other consoles don't have Nintendo games!" And there's about an equal number of games worth buying on third-party consoles every year as there are Nintendo platform exclusives every year. So it's 6 in one, half a dozen the other. Personally I don't want to miss either half. Gaming without a Wii U is just as egregious a concept to me as foregoing the PS4 this gen.

I wish people would just shut up, stop being cheap and buy both consoles. Wii U is not the Wii- it's a far better system and Nintendo has really upped their game when it comes to quality.

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