Spore Creature Creator Demo Leaks Early

The plan was to have a Spore Creature Creator Demo, containing about 25 percent of the full library of creature pieces parts, going out to the public around June 17, around the same time as the full version, which costs $9.99.

Well, a file purporting to be that demo is on Megaupload right now. Now, 191 MB is a huge file just to be bogus malware, but still, Kotaku assume no responsibility if this isn't what it says it is or turns out to be something worse.

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znu3867d ago

it works,

i don't know from kotaku
i got mine from demonoid and it was around 190 mb
really nice

it's there for sure

really awesome software
it'll bring out creativity for sure

Freayr3867d ago

This game is going to be insanely FUN ^_^

G1TR4P3D3867d ago

only nerds care about this dumb game

M337ING3866d ago

On the contrary, this is one of the most casual-appealing games in history.

Mc Fadge3867d ago

Works fine :3

Though, the two creatures I wanted to make didn't work :< So that left me a little sad

kcdude3867d ago

Lol, thats great! I took grass and made armpit hair on my creature :)

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