The Last Tinker: City of Colors (PS4) Review: Monkey Magic | Laser Lemming

LL writes "As someone who grew up gaming in the 90s I suffer from a rare aliment in which I need to play a bright colourful 3D platformer at least once every six months or I’ll descend into a depressive state that only rum soaked gummy bears can cure. Needless to say, if I didn’t own a WiiU I would have been reaching straight for the Morgan’s and Gold Bears several months ago. For PS4 owners it’s been slim picking thus far, there was Kack, sorry Knack, and the LEGO games to tide you over, but that’s about it.

So when I heard that Mimmi’s PS1/2 era inspired platformer; The Last Tinker: City of Colours was getting a PS4 release, I decided to put off my trip to the offee for bears and booze and stay at home and downloaded the closest thing we’ll see to a new [insert name of your favourite 3D platformer published by Sony or developed by Rare here] fpr the foreseeable future instead."

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MSBAUSTX2481d ago

This game looks really fun. I like the environments and colors. good 3D platformers need to be more common on other systems outside of Nintendo. Nintendo platformers are top of the line, but that doesn't mean that other developers can't produce good ones too.