Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare GameStop Pre-Order Bonus Include Destiny's Extra Content

All those pre-ordering Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare from GameStop will also receive an extra Destiny in-game goodie

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JackOfAllBlades2481d ago

I wonder if the armor is branded with dew and Doritos

ShowGun9012481d ago


seriously though, activision usually has some crappy business practices, this is pretty tame by comparison. a most welcome change! these kinds of cross promotions are win-win for everybody, i'd much rather see stuff like this!

guitarded772481d ago

And a Geoff Keighley character skin.

ScorpiusX2481d ago (Edited 2481d ago )

Wonder if Destiny will offer COD content, cool way to give each other a boost. Good thing they are both pre-ordered & paid for , so bring on the content.

ShowGun9012481d ago

activision is HUGE. naturally, big companies have many strategies to promote their games... most of them are sleazy or underhanded (timed dlc, microtransactions), sometimes bad for consumers (on disc dlc) or anti-competitive (maddens exclusive rights to the NFL)...

but sometimes they do something cool. this is a good way to leverage their library, and get customers to consider a game they may have been on the fence about... its not much, but sometimes its the little things, ya know? glad to see activision doing something stand-up, instead of their usual crap!

Summons752481d ago

Activision = scumbags. I was excited about Destiny but if they are going to force me to buy another game that is as old as the dinosaurs at this point for content they most likely held out like they always do then screw it I won't buy either.

Specter2292481d ago

You dont have to buy it, just preorder it.

Summons752481d ago

Most pre-order codes require you to buy the game to actually get the code.

Specter2292480d ago

Usually, yes But it states in the story that you recieve the code within days of preordering.

thejigisup2481d ago

I'll definitely be pre ordering then moving my pre-order to pay off Destiny once the code arrives

Kingoftherodeo2481d ago

yep so preorder and then move that money to a better game