GTA V Puts InFamous: Second Son To Shame

When GTA V was first announced, Rockstar shied away from mentioning a potential release on the new consoles, instead saying the game would ‘feel’ next-gen. Back then, it felt like marketing spiel. It turns out it wasn’t – almost a year on, GTA V is still the most technically impressive open-world game . Even without the upcoming remaster, GTA V puts InFamous: Second Son - the most advanced open-world game on the new generation consoles – to shame. How many PlayStation 4 games have you seen where the character’s flip-flops actually flop, its characters visibly sweat when they’re running, and hair grows over time?

InFamous: Second Son, beyond the glitz of the rain-soaked streets and the dazzling particle effects, doesn’t do anything new. There’s more to a new generation than extra stuff happening on the screen and better reflections. A new generation should bring new experiences, new features. Yet InFamous is missing features we’ve come to expect from open-world games over the last decade.

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gaminglives1924d ago

Perhaps I'm missing the point, but surely all of GTA V's advancements are ridiculously simple flags within the coding? As a veteran coder, I know that all that's required is to trigger a sample as the foot hits the floor plane. The sweat is also a simple trigger - if character speed > x then alter texture by overlaying sweat. Same for the hair - if time played > x then alter hair texture.

For me, advancements need to be more than if statements and triggers. It should be about handling, responsiveness and, to a certain degree, those particle physics becoming realistic enough that you don't pay much attention to them when they're there because they blend seamlessly with the scenario but powerful enough that you'd notice if they were gone.

Just an opinion, of course.

XB1_PS41924d ago

It's more about having hundreds of thousands of If/Then statements that bring the world alive. They talk about NPC intelligence and variety as well. From playing tennis to hiking on mt. Chiliad. GTA V felt alive.

nX1924d ago (Edited 1924d ago )

Article is still clickbait though. Comparing a game that was in development for 5+ years with one that was more or less "rushed out" in 2 years is kinda dumb. Of course GTAT5 has a more 'alive' world (it's the foundation of this series) but still I can imagine that Infamous will look better graphically than the GTA Remaster on PS4.

sonarus1924d ago

yea gta 5 also cost close to $300 to develop. I seriously seriously doubt Infamous is anywhere close to that. Also took 5 years to develop, doubt infamous is 5 years as well. Common sense tells you more money, more time and larger dev team will equal more attention to detail.
I don't care though because i get to play both games on my ps4. I am glad i didnt play gta5 on ps3 so i can experience it for the first time in its next gen glory

bouzebbal1924d ago

People who compare GTA to Infamous really dont understand anything.
Infamous is about the feeling of being overpowered and you can really feel that while playing the game.
GTA on the other hand focuses a lot on the human nature of a character, which requires much more life than infamous does.
I think infamous in a world as rich and alive as GTA's would be pretty much a waste of time for developers.

We are talking two completely different types of games here, a bit like saying Mario Kart puts Gran Turismo to shame. One plays on realism the other on the fun.

UltraNova1924d ago (Edited 1924d ago )

GTA is about open world mindless fun its what they do, its what defines the franchise and of course 300 devs, 5 + years in development and an unlimited budget later it is what it is today, the standard in open world.

Comparing it with Infamous which is all about super powers and story (somewhat)is unfair. I dont even have to mention budgets, dev time and man power at Sucker Punch.

When the next Prototype comes out (doubt it) then we can compare like for like.

Traceskipper1924d ago

I think Watchdogs and GTA V would be the better comparison. BTW i couldnt play WD after about hour. I just think it totally sucks. I guess there goes 90 bucks down the drain.

SilentNegotiator1924d ago

Unless they added a BUNCH of awesome particle effects, there's no way the game feels as next gen as Second Son.

Septic1924d ago


"Unless they added a BUNCH of awesome particle effects, there's no way the game feels as next gen as Second Son."

Yeah because particle effects make a game feel next gen :/

SilentNegotiator1924d ago (Edited 1924d ago )


Because so many last gen games had particle effects and those that did weren't much less impressive. The better measure is who has more cars driving around. /s

Supporter1924d ago


Way to over simplify.

Its like saying a fireworks show is just basically connecting a wire to a battery.

I don't think a "veteran coder" or a very good one would say what you said...

BX811924d ago

Yeah gta was more impressive in my opinion. Infamous ss was pretty but the world felt empty. Gta's city felt alive, plus add in all the stuff you can do,

Dee_911924d ago (Edited 1924d ago )

well to be fair... gta v puts just about every other game to shame in the way they are comparing..

afterMoth1924d ago

GTA V has a beautiful world that is wasted to poor game play mechanics. It is very impressive how well they created such an immerse-full world.

Infamous SS has great game play mechanics wasted with repetitive level designs and missions. The environments are beautiful to look at but it is a short lived experienced due to lack of interesting things to do.

ThanatosDMC1924d ago

I'm surprised they didnt compare it to Ryse.

guitarded771924d ago

Click bait indeed. I enjoyed both games thoroughly. Both are fine examples of open world games.

ShinMaster1924d ago

And GTAV has been in development for how many years now?

inveni01924d ago (Edited 1924d ago )


He wasn't oversimplifying. I've been coding for 23 years. Those little tweaks are things you add when you have 5 years to work on a project.

I guarantee you, if Sucker Punch had had the time, Delsin's shoe laces would have come untied while playing, and he'd bend over and tie them back if you stood still long enough.

But the characters in GTA5 don't actually sweat. Those aren't dynamic particles on their faces. And the shoes flopping? I'd rather have a jacket realistically flutter in the wind, or a chain wrapped around the character's wrist that looks super real, even up close in Photo Mode.

What you see in GTA5 are tricks developers added in to a last-gen game to make it feel as if it's bridging the gap to next(current)-gen. What Sucker Punch has done is start off a generation with graphics that look better than any other current-gen game. Let's give the devs some time to get their engines running smoothly so they can start worrying about whether or not a character sweats.

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G20WLY1924d ago (Edited 1924d ago )

I don't think you're missing the point, I agree. Additionally, if you must compare two completely different games, then compare their respective budgets, available resources, development time, heck even target audience.

Both games are awesome, but this comparison is skewed for the sake of controversy and, ultimately, hits. Get both games and enjoy them for what they are.

AndrewLB1924d ago

The two games are being compared because they're both open world and attempt to replicate a living, breathing city to make it as true-to-life as possible. The notion of handicapping a game because it lacked budget or development time is just stupid. Just be honest and stop circling the wagons every time someone says something critical about anything and everything associated with the PS4. The end product is all that matters since both games cost the same for consumers.

G20WLY1924d ago (Edited 1924d ago )

^lol, easy tiger, keep it calm!

You make some valid points, shame about the interwoven personal attacks. I'm just saying that there needs to be a clear understanding of all factors - a sense of perspective - if you're going to compare games.

I also find it a jarring comparison:

Infamous, Prototype & Crackdown <-Similar aims.
GTA, Saints Row - even Sleeping Dogs <-go compare.
Halo, Killzone & Crysis <- Knock yourself out.

Finally, anyone caring to check our comment histories can see which of us has an agenda (hint: it ain't me)!

ltachiUchiha1924d ago


U make it sound like Infamous SS wasn't a good game. So u wouldn't mind if we compared crackdown 2 to GTA V? Crackdown 2 look like a wii game if u want to compare it to GTA V lol.


I agree mate, good n valid points in your comparisons of games that should be compared to each other.

InTheZoneAC1924d ago

so you're hating on a game that that already feels more alive than most other games?

you're basically just pointing out how things work for no other reason than to try to hate on this game?

maybe they should go back to sprites so you don't have any argument, regardless of how good or bad the game is...

gaminglives1924d ago

Where have I hated on anything? You're being a tad oversensitive just because someone dared to point out how coding works, don't you think? There's absolutely no hate there.

InTheZoneAC1924d ago

to gaming

who cares how coding works?

as long as the game is better than others, who really cares?

UnwanteDreams1924d ago

I think all the points they discuss are valid. I find it hard to agree with a person who thinks "who cares?" is an intelligent arguement.

ShinMaster1924d ago (Edited 1924d ago )

I don't see any hate in his comment.

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Emrage1924d ago

if they made like 1000 if statement for this they must be really bad

quenomamen1924d ago

Its not really about the coding, its about taking enough time as a developer to put those little things in the game, the small details are what set games like GTA apart from the rest.
And as far as open world games goes not many go that extra step like Rockstar.

BallsEye1924d ago

It's not that simple and as a veteran coder, you should know it. Sure I can add a lot of dependencies but those dependencies have to work with other stuff together, and not make the whole game lag because of lack of memory or mess in a code. If it would be as easy as you say, we'd have already a fully simulated life in games. Another armchair dev on n4g.

1924d ago Replies(2)
frostypants1924d ago (Edited 1924d ago )

Exactly...GTA V adds NOTHING of substance over the original GTA III. I consider GTA V to be my worst game purchase in years. It's just a re-hash. GTA has become the Madden of sandbox games. A few silly graphics details change nothing. This article is a joke.

Note: I haven't played Infamous SS. I just know that GTA V is not remotely innovative on any front.

3-4-51924d ago

I may be alone in this thinking but:.....

* I'm so OVER this overrated game. It had it's chance, time to move on.

I get the appeal for those who haven't played it yet, but if you have yet to play it DO NOT get hyped up on it.

It's FAR WORSE in about 10-15 areas than GTA 4 was, and only barely improves a few things.

* Biggest waste of money ever IMO

Evilsnuggle1924d ago

Maybe the fact that GTA 5 has a budget 10x more than infamous second son. just might have something to do with that. GTA 5 cost over 250 million to make

u got owned1924d ago

So now budget defines how good is a game. Ok...

starchild1924d ago (Edited 1924d ago )

I'm sorry, but your comment seriously draws into question whether you are actually a coder. Your comment is silly. That's not how it works.

1924d ago
Provolone241924d ago

This comparison doesn't even make sense. If anything, shouldn't we be talking about how GTAV puts Watch Dogs to shame since they're much more similar?

Volkama1923d ago

Depends, which game do you consider to be the front runner in next gen open worlds? The best one makes most sense for a comparison of this nature.

geddesmond1924d ago

I don't see why anyone would compare GTAV with any other game out there. It's a game alone in its very own genre and I'm not talking sandbox, crime or whatever genre people call it. I'm talking about completely awesome genre.

Infamous isn't about going around doing side quests or driving cars, buying apartments or robbing banks. It's a superhero story told in a sandbox world and it told that story very well with amazing visuals. Those particle effects and atmosphere settings are amazing.

I suppose the only reason to compare GTAV with it is that its graphics are so good it's the only competition GTAV next gen has.

ITPython1924d ago (Edited 1924d ago )

Visually I seriously doubt a multiplat crossgen game will come even remotely close to Infamous Second Son. ISS is still the visual leader this-gen, that probably won't change until the next Uncharted comes out.

Anybody remember this thread? -

For any doubters about ISS being the visual standard thus far this gen, that thread will make you a believer. After a few pages you will see some real gems.

The insane amount of detail that SP put into the game is absolutely astounding. You can even see individual, and unique, rust spots on his chain when zoomed in. And even the buttons on the back of his jacket are fully detailed buttons.

Here is a few example pics I took with the screenshot mode:

Chain detail -
Button detail -
And just a random shot of a building, which looks amazing -
Another neat shot I took -

I will not argue that GTA5 has a more alive city, and has more things to do than ISS, but that is the whole point of a GTA game, whereas ISS was all about the powers, superhero-gameplay and extremely detailed eye catching visuals.

Lou Ferrigno1924d ago

mmmm, those are some gorgeous sreenshots man.. InSS is definitely in a genre all by itself, GTA doesn't even compare.

mediate-this1924d ago

Thats a new gen games vs a old gen game, so yeah gta does hold a candle agaisnt iss

C-H-E-F1924d ago

You do realize as a fellow game/app creator myself that everything within your game/app will involves tons of switch cases and if statements even your "particle" system? lOl. Stop just stop.

xx4xx1924d ago (Edited 1924d ago )

Nobody was talking about Infamous a month after release. Each GTA is always the biggest release of the year.

'Nuff said.

mediate-this1924d ago

You advance code in your mothers basement? I need proof to believe you. And imagine what rockstar is capable on ps4 vs ps3, the detail in their games are rivaled to only N.D on consoles.

gaminglives1923d ago

I don't believe they have basements in flats... the headspace would be far too restrictive. Next time I visit, I'll lift some floor boards and have a look.

Soc51924d ago

Being a veteran coder as you say, and if adding these little touches is so simple, then you must be craving new experiences as much or even more than I do. Far from even having these simple little touches added to games, gaming now has devolved into simplistic repetitive rinse wash and repeat gameplay. If the coding for these details is so simple, then why don't we see more of it? I am losing the love of gaming because we have so few truly creative games out there, the clones of fps shooters are what rule and the stimulus from those games is so low. Look at that, shoot it, look at that shoot that, over and over and over. Even gta5 had the same basic gameplay over and over, shoot those guys, shoot these guys. And that's it. How can this be enough for us? Just shooting things over and over. It's getting freaking old. How about new stories? New gameplay ideas? New AI? New ways of interacting with the game? We are capable of building amazing worlds and creating interesting stories lets grow beyond just shooting things over and over and over.

gaminglives1923d ago

I don't really crave any new experiences with gaming anymore, to be honest. I'm far too jaded with it all. Have been gaming since I was eleven years old, so thirty-one years now... and it's just all so formulaic, to the point where I gave up on excitement a long time ago. Sadly. I doubt that excitement will ever return.

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GarrusVakarian1924d ago (Edited 1924d ago )

Stupid comparison. The only things these games have in common is their open worlds.

Infamous SS is a superhero (or villain) game that is set in an open-world, whereas GTA is a thoroughbred open-world game, meant to portray real-life as accurately as possible (in terms of detail/authenticity) given the hardware. Of course GTA is going to have the most attention to detail and little authentic touches. GTA depends on it's world (it's commonly said that the biggest star of a GTA game is the world itself). Infamous doesn't.

That said...I think GTA V is the better game by a country mile :P

Neixus1924d ago


and for the record, all other websites put this one's scrolling function to shame.

Outthink_The_Room1924d ago

No, it's not a stupid comparison.

Rockstar during their interviews said they would build a living, breathing representation of Los Santos (referring to Los Angeles).

Sucker Punch during interviews said they would build a living, breathing Seattle.

Trying to make an excuse for why InFamous feels shallow compared to GTA V is a weak argument. They both marketed their gameworlds as living, breathing representations of their counterparts.

And to say that Sucker Punch didn't try to sell their world as an authentic Seattle is a straight lie. They went around and got the OK from businesses to use their likeness in the game.

So don't try to make excuses and play damage control here. They marketed the game as a breathing Seattle. They need to live up to that marketing they threw at us.

FullmetalRoyale1924d ago (Edited 1924d ago )

You had me until the accusation of "damage control". Why can't people just make their points without trying to discredit others.

I agreed with his post, then when I started reading yours I thought "this guy makes sense too". You almost had a positive contribution to a discussion. Almost.

Anyway, you both have valid points. Infamous did in fact feel shallow to me. Gameplay was a lot of fun, but enemies were lacking. Specifically the lack of variety.

The world of Grand Theft Auto V is greatly realized. Now of course it is fair to balance in budget, time, abilities(rockstar basically owning the genre), and goals for what the game is. At the end of the day though, the fact of the matter is GTAV's world was significantly better than Second Son's.

I'm not sure there is a POINT in comparing games at all, much less these two particular ones. But I had a blast with both, and was also disappointed by both, for different reasons.

Big_Game_Hunters1924d ago

Very well said. There is way too much damage control that goes on around here.

Back-to-Back1924d ago

"That said...I think GTA V is the more overrated game by a country mile"


Septic1924d ago

As an open world game, there is no comparison. GTA 5 totally eclipses Infamous: Second Son's open world, which feels completely barren and hollow compared to the former game. From pedestrians, to scale, down even to details within the world, Infamous does't come close. Comparing it to GTA5 aside, I was still unimpressed with the open world in Infamous Second Son.

Muerte24941924d ago

Rockstar north has more resources at their disposal than sucker punch.GTA 5 had one of the biggest budgets also.

Septic1924d ago

Yeah I'm not denying that at all. I'm just stating my opinion on the matter. Regardless of its significantly lower development budget, I wasn't all that impressed with Infamous:SS and the game world at all.

starchild1924d ago

Why do you guys do this? Every time any Sony game or console is compared to something else you make excuses and throw out all kinds of arbitrary conditions that supposedly must be fulfilled in order to compare them.

I like Infamous Second Son. I beat it and bought First Light as well. But why does it matter what the budgets are? Why can't somebody simply give their opinion that they liked GTA5 more or that GTA5 is a more advanced simulation or whatever?

Sure, in a certain context some of those things would be relevant. But not when you are making a simple statement about which game does which things better.

Audiggity1924d ago


Should review scores start factoring in budget/time/resources?

If so, Call of Duty would score a 0.5/10 every year because it's one guy hitting "Copy" and then "Paste".

On the flipside, indie developers have very small budgets and crank out some very high quality games on platforms like Greenlight.

Sheikh Yerbouti1924d ago (Edited 1924d ago )

Two of my most favorite IPs beset against each other. Two games I bought for entirely different experiences.

Watch Dogs would be a better candidate for comparison, as open world is the only thing that ties the two games together. I'd say inFamous is story driven experience. Watch Dogs and GTA are sandbox games, whose story is based on your own exploration.

The depth GTA allows one to explore is impressive, but superfluous at the same time. Although being able to enter buildings, having complicated backstories for in game characters, own a garage full of car, having my own pets, etc. are cool, some of these are things I may never see or spend time with. inFamous is not going for that's trying to tell a superhero story.

Based on both graphics and gameplay, inFamous is still the better game imho.

UltraNova1924d ago

Dude comparing anything against GTA V is unfair but Watchdogs? You hit below the belt man! The game is boring as hell...

Sheikh Yerbouti1924d ago (Edited 1924d ago )

Would Red Dead be better...? Or Saint's Row? Or Far Cry? Still those games are doing something totally different than inFamous; instead thee games are in the same vein as GTA.

All my disagrees can disagree again twice over, I know I'm right. Both awesome franchises, inFamous just happens to be more my game.

UltraNova1924d ago

Saints Row is more fitting yes, red dead is from the same studio it doesn't count.

IMO nothing compares to GTA favourably.

Infamous is a great game I agree I prefer super powers and all but its game world is sterile and somewhat boring after you complete the game, thats in stark contrast to GTA when the fun begins after the main story.

Sucker Punch needs to put at least a years worth of little touches and stuff to do after their storylines for me to even consider comparing an Infamous game to any GTA...

My honest opinion.

Sheikh Yerbouti1921d ago (Edited 1921d ago )

Did you find the same to be true with Arkham Asylum, Assassin's Creed, etc. Because those are games to which inFamous is compared.

And the same studio that made a good game can make a bad one, so I'd compare Red Dead and GTA before thinking about inFamous, regardless.

Bottom line, two totally different games. And that's not up to anyone's opinion.

+ Show (1) more replyLast reply 1921d ago

You are right, but Sony fanboys say you are wrong :/ lol

Silly gameAr1924d ago

Always has to be about "Sony fanboys" with you guys.

Big_Game_Hunters1924d ago

@sillygamear. Who else would be blindly defending infamous. The microsoft fanboys?

joeorc1924d ago (Edited 1924d ago )

But also think about it , would many people be out on the street knowing there is supers out there with those kind of powers? Esp. If there is quite a number of the super powered thugs running the streets?

Despite what many think , quite a number of people would not even be trying to stay in the city with how dangerous it would be. To easy to get killed, with powers these thugs may have.

Lets not even point out the heavy weapons, or what boils down to a mutant registration act!

Something GTA5 does not have.

gangsta_red1924d ago

Also the fact that SS is on a next gen system that has been repeatedly told to us has all this extra power should have really helped bring that city alive.

GTA V which is not only for the last gen PS3 but also a MULTI PLAT game felt more alive and also had way more missions, characters and just all around more things to do no matter how mundane some of them were.

DigitalRaptor1924d ago (Edited 1924d ago )

Rockstar also has several times the budget that Sucker Punch had with Second Son. It's pretty obvious that after 7+ years of code optimisation, Rockstar were able to push console hardware to its limits and make their most ambitious game. Second Son is only a first generation PS4 game.

Also in relation to the kinds of games both of these are, do people really expect a superhero game to be able to compete on the same level as an open-world game with completely different design goals? A console's power doesn't particularly dictate a developer's design goals. That is up to them.