Bloodborne Hands-On Preview - A Truly Terrific PS4 System Seller in the Making | DualShockers

Bloodborne was playable at Gamescom, and Giuseppe Nelva from DualShockers explains why it has the full potential to be a system seller.

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Bennibop2492d ago

Cannot wait for this game!

Abriael2492d ago

You and me as well :D

The demo really left me wanting more.

NewMonday2492d ago (Edited 2492d ago )

Knack gameplay was also fundamentally based on dodging and avoiding attacks, that made me love the game, knowing the wrong move could get you killed enhances the thrill and makes you fell every movement you make is vital.

"the player is constantly encouraged to keep his offensive up. The REGAIN system dictates that when the player is hit, there’s a small window of time in which he can strike back. If he succeeds, he’ll be able to regenerate some or all the lost energy, if not, it’ll be irreparably gone"

I'm going to love this game, and I never got into DS

DonDon2492d ago

Can I please ask some questions that were not addressed in your original preview?

Was the frame rate smooth? Did it feel like a consistent 30 fps?

Also, is there a way to sort-of block using your weapon or is it 100% no blocking in the game?

Finally, is the blood in the game so gross that even squeemish people won't be able to bare it (I hate blood even though I don't hate violent games--it just makes me cringe when I see a lot of it).

Abriael2491d ago (Edited 2491d ago )

@DonDon: sorry saw the question just now. The framerate looked smooth to me, but honestly I was in no condition to properly judge it. A show floor really isn't the best place to make judgement calls on that.

And no, no blocking. At all. At least with the weapons included in the demo.

There's a TON of blood, but I'm not squeamish. The main character gets literally drenched in it. I didn't find it "gross" though.

Fishermenofwar2492d ago

they don't wait...LOL BAZINGA

Game looks sick....should be a doozy

SoulWarrior2492d ago

Really anticipating this game, just hope there are more playstyles than just melee combat and guns like the Souls games.

chrissx2492d ago

I was borne to play this game. GOTY contender

Abriael2492d ago

May be a little early to talk about GOTY 2015 :D

nX2492d ago (Edited 2492d ago )

You can ask me in December 2015 and I can assure you that this is still my favourite game of the year, I might even play it until then :D
No upcoming game, not even Witcher 3 or Uncharted 4 comes close to a nextgen Souls successor (that looks THIS good) for me. I just hope the mechanics are as deep and complex as they were in Demon's Souls, it was so much fun discovering this game (with no guides at that time since it was completely new for everyone).

Blastoise2492d ago

I got my PS4 for this :)

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The story is too old to be commented.