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US: Metal Gear Solid and Walmart deal result in 180% sales increase for PS3 (Worldwide First day sales of 1.5 million including bu, reports that the release of Metal Gear Solid 4, combined with the $100 Playstation 3 giftcard offer at Walmart stores across the US, resulted in a 180% increase of Playstation 3 hardware sales in America this week. Metal Gear Solid 4 bundles sold out at most major retailers across the US with no confirmation of further shipments so far.

According to our data provided by retailers all over the world, Playstation 3 week to week sales are likely to more than double from last week on a worldwide basis.

Metal Gear Solid 4, the latest instalment of Hideo Kojimas famous Metal Gear Solid series, saw sales of 300,000 units in Japan on day one. Worldwide, first day sales are estimated to stand at roughly 1.5 million units, including bundles.

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niall775883d ago

.. theres no question MGS4 was/is a big hit

pharmd5883d ago

very impressive.... i dont care who you are..

Crazyglues5883d ago (Edited 5883d ago )

But even though, I'm sure when the real numbers come out they will be huge.

I don't want to say I told you so, but it does kinda fit here, so I'm going to say it.. "I told you metal gear solid sales would be huge, people!..LoL." but for some reason people did not believe..

It's a good boost for Sony... The game is amazing, I'm Lovin' it..

If you have it enjoy it, it's a great game for Sony they should enjoy this one.

jamilion5883d ago

MGS4 outsold GTA4 on the ps3 for first day sales. GTA4 sold 1.3 million on ps3 first day!

solidt125883d ago

This is great! I expected first day sells to be around 1.5 million. I was right on. So WW sell in week one will easily be over 2 million. I was at the midnight Launch and played it that night until 6AM. the only reason I stopped was because I passed out form lack of sleep. Within 15 minutes of waking up 6 hours later I was back to playing MGS 4 another 5 hours. In my whole life I have never done that before and I have been playing games since the original Nintendo, Im hooked.

rogimusprime5883d ago

but their speculation about the sales being short-lived is retarded. Define short lived? 2 months? 3 months? It doesn't take a master analyst to suggest that after demand for the game levels off, demand will return to "normal levels".

As for "severely underestimating" the demand, I think bundling a game that only went gold 2 weeks ago and prepping it for a world-wide simultaneous launch isn't as easy as we would think.

"severely understimating" demand is a phrase to apply to the nintendo wii. 19 months on the market and I have yet to see one at any retailer....

Honestly, If you KNEW the game was coming don't really have an excuse for not getting the bundle. I didn't pre-order it at all. I just sat in the parking lot of a target store for an hour(I live in So cal close to LAX) and waited for the store to open. There were no lines. Just me. I got my bundle with no complications, but not even a mile away...there were 40 people line up at best buy.

It's all in how you shop.


if you take into account that I have not seen ONE commercial for this game, and compare that with the marketing blitz' of Halo 3 and GTA...these numbers are pretty damn good.

theKiller5883d ago

MGS4 worldwide is around 1.5 million day one WITHOUT bundles!!
with bundles i dont know!!!

sonarus5883d ago

Sony dropped the ball on low initial supply. I don't think its that they under estimated demand, i think they just lose more money off the 80GB than 40GB so they are trying to keep those losses to a minimum.

GameDev5883d ago

is the best game I have played in a long long time, on top of that I have enjoyed EVERY SECOND of the lengthy cut scenes, this is KOJIMA story-telling at it's best. In short I wouldn't fuss so much over initial sales because this game is looking to have more legs than beyonce.

mikeslemonade5883d ago

What does 180% translate to? 2.8 times greater?

Would have been a lot more if they met the demand.

Doppy5883d ago

WOW! Depending on what they meant the PS3 must have sold around 77,000 or 120,000 systems in America alone. Which means they probably sold around 280,000 to 350,000 systems worldwide in one week. And if they bring more bundles out which is what they need to do until they give an official price cut, then I'm sure they can keep this pace up for a couple of months.

I read somewhere that games couldn't be bundled in if the were rated anything above "T", and I'm pretty sure my copy of MGS4 is rated "M". But speaking of bundles Sony needs to get all the bundles released in Europe over here now.

80GB PS3
Ratchet and Clank
Heavenly Sword

$599 ($499 would cause people on the fence still to wet their panties)

yanikins1115883d ago


We are on here between acts, as during the 3 minute install Hideo reminds us to take a short break, not smoke, use an ashtray etc etc.

So we shift 18 inches to the left and hop on the interweb.

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highdro5883d ago

yep,....MGS4 is a hit, finaly the ps3 gets that big block buster game it has been waiting for, and with the sells to go along with it.. for all of u 360 fanboi saying that mgs4 is not an AAA game what do u have to say now

The gaming GOD5883d ago

Because they know they were wrong.

And I hope you all remember that Aaron Greenberg said they only had a 5 million unit lead on the ps3. And that was back in early May when he said that. By time the summer is over, that lead might be cut to 3 million. Maybe even 2 million.

Just you guys wait until Little Big Planet comes out.

AAACE55883d ago

Who honestly didn't believe MGS 4 would have huge sales! I mean, the past MGS games on PS1 and PS2 were some of their top sellers. So obviously this was going to happen!

Damn, MGS 4 almost got me to buy a PS3... But it ain't quite time yet!

Well... Have fun with it!

I gotta say it though...

Now that the Ps3 has a truely great AAA title... Why are there still so many Ps3 fanboys on here??? I imagine people turning off phones, putting up do not disturb signs, and playing through MGS 4 a couple times. But apparently, either that hasn't happened yet... or those people didn't buy it yet! Just curious.

The gaming GOD5883d ago (Edited 5883d ago )

Who knows, maybe if you ask the 360fanboys that were still here when Halo 3 first came out the same question you'll get your answer.

TOSgamer5883d ago

Did you think there was a magic fairy that travels to every shop in the world and counts every single sale from every single store on the planet?

TheExecutive5883d ago

I bet we will hear some official numbers from sony at E3

Jack Bauer5883d ago

vgchartz is more of an estimated estimate than an estimate...proved back in february when they estimated ps3 condemned sales when i twas delayed a week.

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Condoleezza Rice5883d ago

Out of Stock :o !I wonder if it's the Father's day push...?

TruthBTold5883d ago

are gonna get lucky with the PS3 and then if they have time with mommy LOL

rogimusprime5883d ago

unless they buy treat themselves to it...and still they have to listen to the misses' bit**ing.

C'mon now, we all know mothers day gets treated way more importantly than fathers day.

Dad gets a new tie or some BS tool to do more work around the house on his days off....But I digress.

Who here has bought their father a gift over 400$?

reaferfore205883d ago

I would if I had that kind of money. But I'd get him a gun. Armalite M-15 baby. With a match barrel.