Gamers need to confront the cultures misogynistic problem

Criticism of sexism in video games has been on rise while several trolls took it too far when forcing Anita Sarkeesian to flee her home. She has not been alone in her critic and gamers need to put their foot down against this problem in the culture.

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stanr2492d ago

I love video games and I feel it has been more progressive than old Hollywood. That is why I was so repulsed regarding what happened to Anita Sarkeesian. Gamers need to take a stand along side her to preserve this progressive culture.

Gazondaily2492d ago (Edited 2492d ago )

"That is why I was so repulsed regarding what happened to Anita Sarkeesian."

Anita is the last person you should be feeling sorry for. She has jumped on the SJW bandwagon and in typical overbearing feminist fashion, blindsighted any real discussion/concern over issues of sexism by purposely misleading and misrepresenting many aspects of gaming to further her agenda.

I am not saying that problems with sexism exist in gaming, they do, just like in real life, but just like in real life, it seems as if the loudest person seems to get the most attention, regardless of whether their voice has anything worthy of note.

gamey2492d ago

You just can't see the forest for the trees can you? Some severely thin-skinned people decided to attack her irl for her (and many, many others as well) perspective. That's the issue here dude. You are an apologist for the behavior of some real low-lifes. And what's so wrong with social justice, anyway?

Mutant-Spud2492d ago

The problem with SJW's is that they live in a fantasy world which is the equal of any game world.
Oh and Anita Sarkeesian is a lying scam artist whose problems have nothing to do with gaming.
Funny, I just watched this:
This is the reality of gaming, what Sarkeesian is talking about has nothing to do with our hobby.

Gazondaily2492d ago

I'm not condoning the actions of the idiots that did what they did. Its just that I don't think "gamers need to take a stand along side her".

She is disingenuous and conniving as far as I am concerned and I don't particularly like her track record and the deceptive manner she has dealt with proper issues such as sexism in gaming.

weekev152492d ago

You may disagree with her work but you cant seriously defend someone threatening to rape her and kill her family. Can you?

Gazondaily2492d ago

"You may disagree with her work but you cant seriously defend someone threatening to rape her and kill her family. Can you?"

Of course not, hence why I said, "I'm not condoning the actions of the idiots that did what they did"

Docknoss2491d ago

Agreed, America and the UK use to be nations of a pioneer spirit. Men who discovered the wheel and built the Eiffel Tower out of metal and brawn. That's what kind of men we were. Now we're to worried to be labeled racists, Sexist, or a hater of the Gays. Socialist agenda

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CaptainObvious8782491d ago

It's a long video, but I highly recommend you educate yourself.

MeatAbstract2492d ago

I thought the threats were of a sexual nature and do not at all mention gaming. Anita is a culture critic and has looked over a lot of pop culture before turning to computer games (something she admits she wasn't a big fan of to begin with!)

But is it fair to suddenly dump this on us 'gamers'? Suddenly I'm made to feel guilty because I played Mario - a game that used to damsel in distress trope even though I'm pretty sure Nintendo weren't making it, rubbing their hands together saying "Yeesss, let's belittle women with our game".

I do get confused as to what is wanted and is needed to change. Computer games and their stories are fantasy. In reality I was brought up in a home with a Mum that worked incredibly hard to make sure me, my brother and sister had a comfortable childhood. She worked hard and had a great job. My sister was the only one out of the three of us that went to University and she did well and supports feminism in areas related to domestic abuse and the pay gap - genuine issues that are happening in the real world. I was brought up in a home where women worked hard and achieved much.

Look at the argument that violent games make people do violent things. We would dismiss that if some gamer somewhere used them as an excuse for their violence, because if games drove a person to commit violent acts then they must have some serious issues already. If games make you look at women in a negative way, then again you must already have issues with women.

But really, I find it unfair that I'm being told I have to confront a problem because a few horrible people said some nasty things on the internet. If I did that everytime someone in the limelight received abuse on the internet, I would never sleep and would probably be tearing my hair out.

Rimgal2492d ago (Edited 2492d ago )

"...was forced to flee her home when misogynistic trolls posted her personal information along with death threats online."

I wouldn't call them misogynistic trolls, I would just call them idiots, who think that is ok to act like a-holes on the internet.

iamnsuperman2492d ago (Edited 2492d ago )

Though I would agree we need to change the industry but not because of the reasons presented by Anita Sarkeesian. That women manipulates the truth for her own personal gain. She would be what my girlfriend calls a person not helping the cause and an extremist (FYI my girlfriend is doing a masters course in women studies and her dissertation in obviously related to feminism in particular the next wave of feminism). My girlfriend sees these types of people all the time. The girl who burns her bra because it is an oppression of women (man invented it) yet doesn't look at the practical applications of it. The person who declares having boyfriends is anti feminist (seriously strange people on her course). These people are so extreme that they are blind. We should change the industry but not because Anita Sarkeesian says so. She is a shoddy journalist and a shoddy feminist at that (exploiting her fellow believers with something that is a bit of a scam. It didn't need funding)

weekev152492d ago

Amen to that. And to be fair I dont think any gamer would defend the folks that took it too far. However what id say about Sarkeesian in her defence is that by going too far the extreme feminist route, she has created debate. And debate on a subject like this can only be a good thing even if the end result is "To be fair the gaming industry is fairly balanced when it comes to sexism in games"

I for one think men are sexualised as much as women in games and if you look at the key demographic of gamers there is a fair representation of male and female protagonists.

Am_Ryder2491d ago

Really nice to see someone here who actually has perspective on feminism, what it means, and the true issues it opposes. Keep it real, man.

I don't feel too strongly against Anita- a lot of her analyses are HORRIBLE and contrived- but at the same time, many of them highlight really problematic patterns in gaming, which have to go.

Shacks2492d ago

I find it hard to believe she had to "flee from her home" that is either the writer or her being melodramatic. Even using the word "flee" seems ridiculous.

I don't like her opinion and and I don't like the way she goes about it, she is hypocritical and negative. She forces her opinion in the same way as those that attack her and it isn't going to get anything solved.

Her and her critics need to grow up and talk about this in a way that can get something going. Picking through games like Watch Dogs and saying it is sexist because sometimes in is a female NPC that is mugged is bullshit. It is random and obviously and nitpicking games is only going to piss off people that are logical, like myself and the trolls.

weekev152492d ago

The guy who threatened her posted her address and told her he was coming to rape her. Maybe flee is melodramatic but she left to be on the safe side. Some would defo call that fleeing.

Gh05t2491d ago

I am no fan of that persons actions (Or anyone else who is breaking the law) and I hope the authorities find them and punish them to the full extent of all laws broken...

That being said... By "fleeing" her house she is essentially portraying a damsel in distress scenario... She is relying on someone else for safety.

Shacks2491d ago

That is if it's not staged. I am sorry but I see her as a hoax to get popular by getting a rise out of people. She seems way too smart of the hypocrisy she shows us.

Is she really going to sit there in a pink shirt, make-up and large earrings and talk about how it is sexist for developers to make female characters wear those types of clothes? It is obvious she did it for the backlash she was going to get and did get.

People get death threats and that is sad and maybe she did get real ones, I am sure she did, but I can't buy her bullshit.

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