Asiansoft: Publisher of Phantasy Star Online 2 Lost Revenues

Although the global audience might think Sega is the sole developer and publisher of Phantasy Star Online 2 in Japan, Asiansoft has published this online video game in their servers in six other countries. However, Asiansoft has provided a report stating that the company has continued to experience a decline in online gaming revenue from domestic and overseas market. Additionally, Sega (who has not mentioned anything in two years) will not disclose any further news about this title at Pax Prime this year as well. As a result, North American and European supporters are losing hope for this production.

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Chrono2481d ago

They can try to expand to the other parts of the world, I'm sure they'll pay enough to cover this loss.

Serrafina2481d ago

Yeah. It's really interesting how Sega hasn't brought this title to both North America and Europe; these two continents host several gaming conventions with publicity to really market their game. It's really surprising that they would make such a huge publicity on the game for the U.S., and then the publishers haven't said a word in two years.