Dragon Age and Mass Effect at PAX PRIME 2014

Bioware will showcase Dragon Age: Inquisition at PAX PRIME over the weekend. Attendees will be able to play the brand new demo which will be at the Xbox booth (#412). There will always be Mass Effect Signing and HR Recruitment Q&A.

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plut0nash2492d ago

Hmmmm What I would do to be there.

HanCilliers2492d ago

I really hope we hear something about Mass Effect 4

TheOneWhoIsTornApart2492d ago

The new Mass Effect isn't Mass Effect 4. they have confirmed that it is called something else.

DOMination-2491d ago

Everything we know about the next mass effect in one convenient document:

plut0nash2492d ago

I don't think anything major. Maybe some hints at characters.

Lucreto2492d ago

Mass Effect Trilogy Remastered April 2015 announcement.

I am looking forward to seeing more on the singleplayer and multiplayer in Dragon Age.

Remy_Chaos2492d ago

As much as I dislike EA and Bioware, I wouldn't mind a remastered trilogy simply because I loved the original. However it better include every single piece of DLC, if not then why even bother.

gamegenieny2492d ago

omg THIS so bad. The "trilogy" release was such a joke because the you'd pay more for the dlc than the trilogy pack itself, and that was just ME2......
I'd consider a purchase if it had all the dlc included, but no way if not. Also please get rid of the need please. Makes no sense to need to log in there and "verify" the dlc, and then download it. Keep it simple please EA ......

Sillicur2492d ago

Would love to see more from the Dragon Age multiplayer myself!

SonZeRo2492d ago

I will miss Shepard in ME4.

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