PS4 Exclusive Deep Down's Beta Test Delayed to 2015 as Capcom Apologizes

Today capcom officially announced that the public beta testing for the upcoming PS4 exclusive Deep Down has been delayed to next year.

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NovusTerminus2481d ago


colonel1792481d ago

It was expected though, this game suddenly went into a dark corner and sat there quietly. It is better to have a delay to make the game better. This is the kind of game that if they don't take time to develop it correctly, it could release with a lot of bugs.

NovusTerminus2481d ago

Yeah, I know is was coming. But still quite sad about it.

AngelicIceDiamond2481d ago

Perhaps Bloodborne stole its shine?

Cha0tik2481d ago

As much as I want to play this... I'm alright with this. With BloodBorne coming and the momentum building for the console. I think that It's right that they get this game right so that it can be successful with as little bugs as possible.

Patrick_pk442481d ago

And Capcom recently said that it won't be at TGS, so that was another thing.

Debaitable2481d ago (Edited 2481d ago )

I think it could be a good thing if it releases side by side with Bloodborne. For those who can't buy Bloodborne day one will have this to keep them busy. Win-Win.

bouzebbal2481d ago

Capcom can never manage to make their last loyal fans happy...
2015?? for a beta??
is the game then delayed until 2016?

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SoapShoes2481d ago

Uggghhhh this is one of my more anticipated games for the PS4, even more so than BloodBorne. I hope this just means it won't come out as a turd and be good.

Back-to-Back2481d ago

You're more excited for a Capcom free to play game than Bloodborne being directed by Miyazaki? Madness I tell you MADNESS!!!

Rikuson12481d ago

As long is they keep updating us with amazing looking gameplay like that. Take as much time as you need

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The story is too old to be commented.