Warzone #4 - Hideo Kojima Has Changed The Game Industry

Torrence Davis of The Bitbag writes, "Warzone#4 is all about the developers and how they should now go back to the drawing board after what Kojima has done. We discuss how developers need to pour their heart and soul into their games and try to take us to places we've never been before. Because of Kojima and MGS4, gamers everywhere, no matter what system they own, should benefit. Other highlights include:

* MGS4 and then impact is should make on game development.
* Game review scores and how ridiculous they really are.
* Torrence Davis interviews Terminal Reality, developers of The Ghostbusters game.
* What makes a game next gen, graphics or gameplay?
* Terrence Louden from Insomniac talks to us
* Power Of Green wins the Fanboy Of The Week Award"

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TheHater3803d ago

Congrats Power of Green, you are fanboy of the week. You shouldn't be proud.

tordavis3803d ago

I still love POG. He's fighting the good fight. I just don't like when he disses the PS3 in order to win his arguments. He's smarter than that. People don't understand that there really aren't as many Xbox fanboys as PS3 fanboys on this site. I'd say the ratio is at least 10:1. PS3 fanboys are always asking, "Where are all the Xbots?" Well, they are playing games and not wasting time bashing PS3 articles. Most of the 360 fanboys are defending the positive 360 stories from the PS3 fanboys. That's just the way it is here.

Exorgasm3803d ago (Edited 3803d ago )

"I still love POG. He's fighting the good fight. I just don't like when he disses the PS3 in order to win his arguments. He's smarter than that."

I can't decide whether it's his horrible grammatical errors, constant miss-spelling or lack of the ability to say anything coming close to making sense that makes you think he's smarter than that.

There is no good fight to be had or seen anywhere near this site. Even when an amazing game that everyone owes it to themselves to experience finally hits the ps3 we instantly get a bitter closed minded console fanatic fighting dirty and signing up as "Metal Gear Solid" (probably POG himself) slandering the game.

There is nothing "good" about arguing on a behalf of a corporation. Games I could completely understand debating but the machine that it plays on should be of little importance and these days it seems that it's the opposite everywhere you go.

tordavis3803d ago

No I agree to some extent. POG started off as a hardcore 360 defendant. He made a lot of good points in his posts. Once he was exiled to the Open Zone he started bashing the PS3. I can't agree with that at all. If you are a gamer, you wouldn't bash either system, even the Wii. So that's why I picked him this week. The guy cracks me up. Even though I can't stand fanboys, there are some that I love to see post. Like Zhuk and Dark Sniper have to be the funniest of them all. I think Lenhart got banned. I haven't seen a post from him all week. Anyways, it's all in good fun.

-Maverick-3803d ago

Torrance Davis your lame and no one listens to this garabage.

Millah3803d ago (Edited 3803d ago )

Dude I'm sorry but I can't help but disagree with you 100 percent. Scores SHOULDN'T matter, but they do, like it or not, otherwise journalists wouldn't exist in ANY entertainment medium. Trash talking people who do listen to reviews isn't a very constructive way to get your point across either, you just make yourself look like a schmuck.

And you're retarded if you think there aren't just as many 360 fanboys trolling in Ps3 related stuff, try checking out any other gaming site. There could be even more due to there being more 360 owners. Lol @ them "playing their games" instead of being fanboys, extremely ignorant. Again, you look like a schmuck.

And you think a review score is the opinion of one man?? No, one man writes the review, but the scores reflect the opinion of the entire site, not one person.

Snukadaman3803d ago

What other console in memory decided to run with the line "next gen starts when we say so"...come a year and a half and now it has a game thats worth buying the system for...along with a smattering of other great psn dont matter if it sucks...and reading OPM today i come to find out there will not be no online multiplayer component in the new naruto game...I have purchased every console since the nintendo days...a couple of consoles I never purchased were the jaguar,3do, and the neo geo...put the ps3 next to them at this point...dont get me wrong ..the 360 deserves to be bashed themselves with sheitty hardware and other various nonsense..I have went through 3 rrod's myself to confirm that...but 7 months after my last one and my xbox is running fine. oh and by the way...lenhart is never banned...he always uses his other accounts like -maverick-,hydrolex, and various others...its easy to spot the moron believe me.

3803d ago
3803d ago
tordavis3803d ago

Looks like Maverick is still sad that he won Fanboy Of The Week. He posts the same thing in each one of the Warzone threads. What a certified loser.

I know there are 360 fanboys in existence, but the PS3 fanboys come in larger numbers and are more passionate. I see more 360 hate than PS3 hate on most forums, especially this one. Trust me, this week I looked REALLY hard and couldn't find much.

I think scores suck because of what they represent. Pretentious digital fishwraps can be swayed by advertising dollars. The worst part of it all is when people get upset because one site gives a game a low score or when another site gives a game a score that's too high. Halo got 10's and people were upset. Why let someones opinion upset you? Why base your purchases on just the scores? Haze got a 6 and I hated the demo. From what I hear though, Haze isn't that bad. I played Vampire Rain and it was the worst tripe I've ever played on a console. I love Halo 3 but I don't think it deserves a 10. I'm not gonna lose sleep because of what another person thinks of a game.

In essence, I think ALL magazines and blogs and sites should go to a school grade system or do away with scores all together. Imagine if everyone actually had to READ a review instead of scrolling to the last page for the score.

Lastly, why is it that when Gamespot and IGN finally give a PS3 game a 10, everyone loves them? Gamespot has the scarlet letter for being the worst site on the net after the Jeff Gershmann ordeal. Now everyone is praising them for their scoring of MGS4.

Life is wonderful.

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Scott_Steinberg3803d ago

Pops champagne for POG!You da man

CertifiedGamer3803d ago

Because the have nothing to look foward 2

Shadow Man3803d ago

Bioshock 2
Mass Effect 2
Gears of war 2
Dead or Alive 5
Alan Wake
Fable 2
Ninga Gaiden 2
Banjo Kazooie 3
Tales of Vesperia
The Last Remnan
Star Ocean4
Infinite Undiscovery
Mobile Ops: The One Year War
Magna Carta 2
Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Conviction
Project Offset
Lost Planet: Colonies
Supreme Commander
Halo Wars
Left 4 Dead
Command & Conquer 3: Kane's Wrath
Halo: Chronicles
Too Human
The Crossing
Prey 2
Sacred 2: Fallen Angel
Postal III
Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures
Age of Pirates: Captain Blood
Voodoo Nights
Project Progressive
Command & Conquer 3: Kane's Wrath
Dead Island
Demons of Mercy
Dungeon Hero
Shadow Harvest
The Shadow of Aten
Space Chimps
Super Star
Underwater Wars
Versus Tactical Action
White Gold: War in Paradise

doshey3803d ago

dude half of those i have never heard of

avacadosnorkel3803d ago

Kojima changed the game. Maybe Heavy Rain will bring another real next-gen experience, but as of now the only one is Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots.

Do yourself a favor and find a way to play it.

Shadow Man3803d ago (Edited 3803d ago )

I will get myself a ps3. I think the ps3 has alot of great titles. Like GT5, FFXIII, and GOW3.

blusoops3803d ago

MGS4 definitely deserves your attention...but also check out Uncharted and Warhawk if you get a chance...awesome games!

GiantEnemyCrab3803d ago (Edited 3803d ago )

Yeah dude I think you need to STFU because you are anything but a Certified Gamer.

Nice job on the Podcast. Tordavis and HipHopGamer make a good team.

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Silogon3803d ago (Edited 3803d ago )

I wish these guys would go away. You all thought Surfer girl, Games blow and whoever else were annoying? These guys are like butter dipped in grease and applied liberally all over your sidewalks. Who approves this junk?

Not only that the two poster boys are more scary and unnerving than inviting.

Tmac3803d ago

Wish you would go away.

theKiller3802d ago

i think u just couldnt stand them because they hit the nail, and the truth hurts, 360 is holding ps3 games on the multiplatform games!!
what they say is soooo much true, and i suggest u all guys to listen to the podcast on minute 12:00!!LOL
its so funny and true!!

Premonition3803d ago

Great podcast, I listened to one of them while flying to CanCun Mexico it had me cracking up in the flight when you made that call to EB games lol.

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