Bioshock On The iPhone Shows How Close Mobile is To Consoles

MegaJon28 writes "It's only a matter of time before we are doing graphics comparisons between mobile phones and tablets, and the PS4 and Xbox One. Bioshock on the iPhone is a prime example of game imagined on a home console that was successfully ported to a handheld phone. With these consoles set to last at least another 7 years, how long until we are showing side by sides of PS4 and iPhone games?"

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Omar912418d ago

Still has a ways to go imo.

HighResHero2418d ago (Edited 2418d ago )

But it's great to know that phones and tablets are finally catching up to 8 year old hardware! In another 5 years or so people may have the option to play Ryse with sweet touch controls.

NewMonday2418d ago

actually shows how far mobile is, not even as good looking as Killzone Vita.

sinspirit2417d ago (Edited 2417d ago )

Well, seeing how the dulled the graphics down so lower end phones had a chance at it.. I'm sure that the higher end phones and tablets could handle the regular game fine.

It's not like Bioshock is the new best looking game on iOS or Android. There have been better looking games out on mobile for a few years now that make Bioshock mobile look average, which it is.

President2417d ago

This is how Bioshock actually looks on iOS:

Almost PS1 quality. Does this look like it's close to the PS3 and 360 versions?

bouzebbal2418d ago (Edited 2418d ago )

yeah! not only graphically but also in terms of gameplay. touch screen gameplay is garbage and will stay that way.
the very few games i play on the phone i dont exceed 5 min playing them it's so uncomfortable.

1nsaint2417d ago

agreed, i used to own a xperia play (the phone with the slide out controller)

and i could play games like smash bros or super mario on a n64 emulator perfectly.

Sadly my xperia play broke and i now own a note 3.
It has awesome graphics, a lot of RAM and a beastly processor (for a phone)
but trying to play smash bros on it with just touch controls is a no go.
Even pokemon on a GBA or DS emulator is sometimes a hassle with touch

luckily i can hook up my 360 controller but it still doesn't beat just hooking it up to a console and play

TheRacingX2417d ago a MOGA controller for the phone, I have one paired with my Galaxy S3 and its awesome. Games like Dead Trigger and SHadowgun feel like full on portable games. It works with alot but not all games,its been getting popular so more and more games are getting patched for MOGA. Mine even charges the phone when I'm playing so I dont drain the phone down...I paid $50 for it, not bad, and it really makes the games more fun and less frustrating. Just a thought.....

megajon2418d ago

Its not there yet, but think about how fast mobile hardware has advanced over the past few years. Its not hard to imagine we could see console quality graphics on phones very soon if the hardware of mobile devices keeps growing exponentially.

Wintersun6162417d ago

There's really no way for it to keep growing so fast, that it will actually ever be truly competent with consoles. Consoles have the size and ventilation advantage, while phones and tablets have extremely limited space and no ventilation. When a tablet can physically be on par with current consoles hardware on paper, consoles will already be another gen ahead. Console hardware gets better too, it just gets updated on longer intervals.

NovusTerminus2418d ago

Uhhh... Bioshock might be fun. But it was not an example of either systems power...

TheWackyMan2418d ago

Actually when it came out, it was an example of the Xbox 360's power.

dazzrazz2418d ago

Thats a comparison of what two potato cameras side by side ?

mkis0072418d ago

It shows anything can run on anything if you turn down enough sliders.

Loses most of the atmospherics from the effects and detail they had to seems they are just above ps2/wii level now.

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