A Gentleman Gamer's Musings on Violence

Michael Crisman writes, "I’ve been playing video games since I was old enough to maneuver Pac-Man around the screen. Over the last three decades I’ve watched first-hand as the debates simmer, boil, and come to a head over video game violence. I was in high school when Joe Lieberman took his concerns about the increasing amounts of bloodshed in electronic entertainment to the floor of the US Senate. I was in college when the media ramped up its hardcore blame game on electronic entertainment with regard to school shootings. I remember the day Columbine happened, and how quickly news outlets seized on Doom as a scapegoat for Harris and Klebold’s rampage. I was into adulthood when Jack Thompson’s crusade of lawsuits against the likes of Rockstar, which eventually resulted in his disbarment, began in earnest. I’ll be 37 in October, and I’ve spent all but the first 3-4 of those years shooting, punching, and blowing up digital characters with varying degrees of realism and without re-enac...

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