Gamer Harassed Online After Speaking Out About Virtual Rape

A gamer and digital journal was bombarded with harassing online messages after she spoke out about ‘virtual rape’ in online gaming

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masterfox2482d ago

Gamer harassed ?, OMG a gamer is been harassed on the internet or whatever online service, thatsss IMPOSSIBRUU......

I mean really ? seriously ? somebody is surprised by this ? I mean is the internet, full of jerks, full of intelligent people, full stalkers sadly, full of fanboys, full of scientist. and all kind of people, you have the real world and the digital world, both are kinda the same.

Blacktric2481d ago (Edited 2481d ago )

Hey I just got harrassed while playing Counter Strike Source. Some guy called me a f***** and some other guy told me that he was going to kill me. Guys I'm so scared please I need-


-some advice guys please help I'M BEING MURDERED ONLINE EEEEEEEEEEEEEK!

This is what basically these morons are doing at the moment. First Anita Sarkeesian (who paused posting messages about her getting death threats on twitter to tell people to support her by donations) and now this. Professional victimhood must be paying really good nowadays...

I miss the good old days of game magazines and simple internet forums where people only talked about games.

Gh05t2481d ago (Edited 2481d ago )

Last time I checked Murder carries a stronger penalty than rape... I have been told I was going to be murdered "Im going to find you a F'ing Kill you for real!" and then that person showed me how by killing me virtually... Pretty much par for the course online.

All the sounds were there I was hearing that person murder my virtual character that I was connected to.

But back in reality I lost the game turned my console off and went out for some Indian food for dinner... mmmmm I love Indian food.

Dee_912481d ago (Edited 2481d ago )

What about my civil rights? I get call the N word daily!.. so does my white friends.. THE MADNESS MUST STOP!
I have also been called noob, I'm not sure what that means but I feel attacked.

You know whats funny.Lately people have been saying women are staring to play games more and more statistically.. I wonder how that lines up statistically with the increase in these types of claims lately...

jmac532481d ago

@Gho5t Par for the course shows there are some seriously f***ked in the head people playing video games.

Halo2ODST22481d ago

How do we Report This Bullshit Article, if we don't stop it now, the Cancer spreads, until it's reached it's Target. If you Want N4G to be full of Antia Sarkannessian Bullshit, WE have to stop it now

Halo2ODST22481d ago

He's linking you're outrage to his Twitter to get attention.

Back-to-Back2481d ago

Anyone who plays online games has been virtually harassed via a teabag and its not big deal. People being overly sensitive.

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porkChop2482d ago

Virtual rape? What the hell does that even mean? It's not possible to virtually rape someone.

viperman2402481d ago

I just virtually raped you, want to get me dinner now?

Blacktric2481d ago (Edited 2481d ago )

And you didn't even bought him a drink beforehand. How rude.

By the way; the virtual rape thing she's talking about is what some modders are doing in GTA Online for the past few weeks. They can lock your character and theirs in an animation, which is used in a singleplayer mission where you get to peep on a former child star (nod to Miley Cyrus probably) having sex with some guy in a garden, that you cannot get out of.

And no, they're not doing it to females only, so this is, once again, a non-issue cocked up by someone who wants to get famous by yelling about something that's laughably petty on an ignorant televison channel.

XBLSkull2481d ago

Slap in the face of real rape victims. Virtual rape? Give me a break, just disconnect.

Gh05t2481d ago

EXACTLY want to know the difference between real rape and virtual rape... YOU CAN STOP BEING VIRTUALLY RAPED!
Power off the monitor/disconnect the internet bam done INSTANTLY.

viperman2402481d ago


But we can go further; mental rape.

I wont delve deeper into that or joke about it. If I do these glass skinned feminist or whatever they want to call themselves. They might use it as ammo.

But mental rape, and virtual rape are one in the same, it's all in the mind. Why would anyone feel "triggered" or threatened or feel harassed is beyond me.

Dee_912481d ago

They are talking about the " hack" in gta V online where hackers can disable your character and rape it... of course they are blowing it way out of proportion though..

iamnsuperman2482d ago (Edited 2482d ago )

Is saying "I am virtually raping you as I type this" harassment? Is is not just pointing out the lunacy in the statement about how she doesn't feel safe online. I am not saying she didn't get harassed (on the Internet you can get harassed for all random type of things) but I am getting a different vibe from that tweet. What she said didn't make sense (though I need to see the whole video and not that snippet). In GTA I can wak someone to death. Does she not feel safe because of that too or is it just the rape thing?

annoyedgamer2481d ago

Why did you approve it then? I want to report this but I am afraid I will get banned for it.

WilliamUsher2481d ago

Because it's called free-speech.

They're allowed to say it, but you can choose whether or not you want to read it.

He's doing the opposite of what they're doing during this media blackout on the whole corrupt journalism thing.

Supporting unfavorable opinions by at least allowing them to be shared keeps communication going.

qwerty6762481d ago ShowReplies(1)
DualWielding2481d ago

Is that even technically possible even if someone mods a game to allow avatars raping each other in a pvp scenario wouldn't it require both players to have the mod installed in order for it to happen?... if someone installs a rape mod then that's consent

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