The Crew - Five Minutes Of Crazy Driving

DSOGaming writes: "Ubisoft has provided us with a key for the closed beta phase of The Crew, and since there is no NDA this time around, you can view below five minutes of… well… crazy driving."

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mafiahajeri2483d ago

looks much better than the past videos

Whirlwind_Fanfare_082483d ago

Hmmmmm, you are right! it does look better than the previous videos.
However i'm still a bit worried about how the driving mechanics are in this game! just have to find out when the console beta comes out in late september, whenever that is. But yeah, it does look better.

audiophile1012483d ago

the mechanics are pretty good but definitely need to be tightened up. As soon as you turn your control settings to "hardcore" mode then your car is sliding all over the place. at least when playing with a controller.

play with keyboard and mouse and it performs much better

Deividas2483d ago

Been playing the Beta all day, driving is actually feeling pretty good. The 30fps lock is kinda annoying though....

sorane2483d ago

You can get 60fps in the beta pretty easily. Also they said the final game will be optimized for 60fps on PC.

Deividas2482d ago

Nice! I knew about it being 60 for full game didnt know there was a workaround for the beta though, thanks