First Infinite Undiscovery gameplay video

The first Infinite Undiscovery gameplay video has surfaced online. The video is from Microsoft's RPG Premiere 2008 event.

In the video we see Capel breaking out of jail with the help of Aya, and encountering some of his first battles. Later on we see a few reporters playing the demo on their own.

The gameplay footage begins at 1:16.

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jkhan3778d ago

Real Time Combat:D
This game just moved on the top of my most wanted JRPGs for 360:D

fork3778d ago

Man i wish it wer tun base

gunnerheadboy3778d ago

We can not understand you!

ngg123453778d ago

Looks like awesome fun though. Great gameplay for a jrpg.

Condoleezza Rice3778d ago

Nevertheless,I am interested in seeing more of this game!

steck673778d ago

Looks good even in youtube quality IMO.

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The story is too old to be commented.