Nintendo’s 3rd Party Troubles Are Good for Everyone

The source of Nintendo's 3rd party troubles can also be the source of a sustainable, innovative new market that benefits the gaming industry's health.

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Big_Game_Hunters2492d ago

True, if Nintendo had a console with their exclusives AND every third party Game over.

wonderfulmonkeyman2492d ago (Edited 2492d ago )

I'm not sure I can agree with that.
If Nintendo had every third party, there's a pretty decent chance, I think, that a trend where each console maker pays for exclusive DLC per console, to keep their multiplat versions relevant, would start up, to get people going to different systems for different kinds of DLC that suits the taste of each individual fanbase.

Of course, there's also the fact that gamers have practically been trained to go to Sony and Microsoft for third party games first and foremost for the past two or three generations now...
Breaking that habit after sticking with them for so long just to go over to Nintendo's next system might not be an easy move for some of the more die-hard supporters, so I'm fairly positive both Sony and Microsoft would still retain a healthy userbase looking for third parties, in the event of Nintendo getting tons more support.

That's just speculation on my part, though.
Nintendo getting all the third parties, even if they suddenly had the most powerful and easy-to-develop-for system, is so unlikely a scenario that I honestly couldn't really say what would happen.

To be honest, I have doubts that even having the most powerful system would bring devs over to Nintendo's side.
I mean, there's still a LOT of mistrust between the Nintendo fanbase and third parties multiplats right now.
The fans need some really solid and convincing reasons[IE; games catered to them] to make interest and sales for third party multiplats rise on Nintendo's home consoles.
Without reasons, the fans wouldn't support the third party ports regardless, and the third parties would again use sales to justify skipping the next Nintendo system.

Something would need to be done about >that< first, before anything effective could happen to the chances of third parties getting substantial enough sales out of the fans to justify coming over in waves.

Metallox2492d ago

Don't see how, I don't receive the games I want on the console.

randomass1712492d ago

I think the people writing these articles are slowly going bananas. :P

700p2492d ago

They're still selling with their first party which is great.

Metallox2492d ago

I know. But that still doesn't justify what the author is saying.

Nintendo's 3rd party issues are good for everyone? Are you sure?

swice2492d ago

Could be.

I mean, they've said 3rd parties really cater to the casuals now, and that they themselves want to focus on core gamers again.

Plus, if Nintendo keeps pushing for the awesome DLC they've had, then maybe over time it will show other developers how to do it the right way.

I still have faith in Nintendo, and I love the Wii U. It's severely under-appreciated

MacDonagh2492d ago

This may be an unpopular opinion but I believe that multi-platform games have been slowly killing the appeal of consoles. Now I know what people will say that gaming is a business at the end of the day but when a game is being put on various platforms; it dilutes a franchise's appeal to a great extent for me personally.

Was it necessary for a game series like Metal Gear Solid; a traditionally Sonyesque game to appear on Microsoft consoles? What about Final Fantasy XIII? Are those games so expensive that they needed to be on both consoles? Of course there are games that have been traditionally multi-platform like EA franchises or GTA but I put forward the argument that due to the 3rd party's degree of trying to put their product on each console; it lessens the appeal of their games and the consoles as well.

There is absolutely no variety anymore because of it. Instead of games that are specifically made for the console in mind; most games are trying to be on everything, much to the detriment and appeal of the franchise. While people can point to how one console is more powerful than the other, there is no real differentiation from either the PS4 or the Xbox One since they mostly have the same multi-platform games. The lack of exclusive 3rd party games has resulted in a lack of variety of different games or different ideas.

We are now arguing about which game looks better on which console than which 3rd party exclusive game is better if they happen to share a similar genre like Shining Force vs Final Fantasy for example.

Makes the consoles pretty boring in my view.

deafdani2492d ago

I disagree with you. I see no reason for a third party developer to make games exclusive for a single console if they have the means to make it available on all consoles possible.

What makes each console remain interesting, then? Its exclusives. I really don't care too much about which console manages to put more pixels on screen for a certain game. In the end, it's the exclusives that console has what will make me decide whether to buy one or another (or both).

I bought a PS3 for Uncharted, Little Big Planet, Motorstorm, Ratchet & Clank, etc. Multiplatform games like GTA4 are awesome, but there's not that much difference between the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions so whatever.

I bought a Xbox 360 mainly because of Mass Effect 1 (which got ported to PS3 several years later), Limbo (ditto) and Super Meat Boy.

I bought a Wii for Mario Galaxy, Metroid Prime 3, Wii Sports (yeah), Zelda Twilight Princess, Smash Bros Brawl, etc.

I could go on. My point is, it makes very little sense to try and compare platforms based on their shared multiplatform games. Why do people care so much if the Xbox One version of a game runs at 900p while it runs at 1080p on the PS4? That's not the reason you buy one console or another. You buy a PS4 if you want Uncharted, Little Big Planet 3, and other exclusive Sony franchises. You buy Xbox One if you want Forza, Halo and Gears.

At least that's how I see it.

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