PlayStation 4 Check-In: Nine Months Later

IGN - After three-quarters of a year, are we still awaiting greatness?

It's been nine months since Sony's PlayStation 4 arrived in North America, beating out its European release by a week and its Japanese launch by a few months. When it did finally launch in its homeland in February, total global sales of the console passed 6 million units. According to the most recent numbers posted by the NPD Group, PS4 still sits atop sales charts, with 10 million units sold to date. The PS4 is the current next-gen sales leader, but can Sony keep the momentum going?

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JoGam2482d ago (Edited 2482d ago )

I can remember when I seen the trailer for the event in February 2013 where they revealed the PS4. From then till now, Sony has been making some great moves. I'm still shock by the total of PS4's sold to date.

Chuk52482d ago

I have so many damn games for this system, it's hard to keep up! I was playing last of us 3 weeks ago, then I got addicted to Rogue legacy and now I'm addicted olliolli and velocity 2x comes out next week, and Destiny comes out the week after. I never understood the idea that the system has no games, cuz what the hell have I been doing then?

Xb1ps42481d ago

Same thing xb1 owners been doing... Playing great games....

Magicite2481d ago Show
Xb1ps42481d ago Show
ikkokucrisis2481d ago (Edited 2481d ago )

Roger that,

I've been almost stressing thinking about how many games I have in my que (TLOU, Diablo 3, Metro Redux, Madden 15..), and the incoming flood of games that are launching starting from next month on to the end of this year (Destiny, Middle Earth, CoD, AC5, FC4..)

OMG i'm not going to get any sleep this year!

Geekman2481d ago

Nobody will be able to say it has no games after this holiday.

Palitera2481d ago

Yeah, awesome last gen games will be released on PS4 and XB1 this next season. Plus shiny graphics, of course.

Or what? Will you tell us how many current gen games will be released?
ACwhatevernumber. Lords of the Fallen. And that's it?

Don't take me wrong. I still love it, but you're pushing too much with your comment...

DigitalRaptor2481d ago

You'd think so, but they will.

They'll see a console that has more indie games than AAA games (naturally) and use that to spite it, even though most platforms will have that ratio of games anyway.

2015 is off to an epic start with The Order: 1886, Bloodborne, The Witcher 3 and Ratchet & Clank Redux, Evolve and Dying Light.

Shazz2481d ago

ps4 is a great console no doubt about it but the ui is lacking for me personally and console is in need of even minor touch like friends notifications, cant believe it doesnt have that yet

incendy352481d ago

Pretty disappointing so far, but Resogun and Last Of Us are awesome.

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